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July 25, 2005

Monday Quick Natalee Holloway links

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Here's a few quick links to supplement last night's report on Natalee.

Scared Monkeys posts that "Today on Canal 90 (a radio station) in Aruba reported that the hair found on the duct tape was NOT Natalee's." Also, that MSNBC is reporting a second witness who was with Aruban Polis at roughly 9am this morning having more details about a possible location of where Natalee "had" been.
Riehl World View writes, "With the FBI in town and the lead prosecutor out of town, the heat seems to be rising under the Natalee Holloway investigation in Aruba. One witness claims to be able to place all three boys at a popular racquetball club located approximately 200 yards from the Marriott Hotel where the boys first claimed to have dropped off Natalee Holloway.

Reidblog writes on the disappearance of another girl with striking similarities to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway - "she's not Natalee Holloway, but she's just as missing, and from just as beautiful a venue as Aruba. Claudia Kirschhoch, a 29-year-old travel writer from New York, was last seen walking on the beach in late May, 2000 while on assignment at a Sandals resort in Negril, Jamaica. Like Natalee, she never made her plane flight back home. No body has ever been found."

Buttsville USA says the case smells like a mullet.

So thus far it's negative on the blond hair and the duct tape, we don't know about the clothing found with it, we're begining to see some witnesses come forward that place "the boys" where they shouldn't have been, and the FBI is finally getting a peak at the evidence. That's not much to show for this many weeks of investigative work on the part of the Aruban keystone police. Yet we just may be seeing the begining of some interesting revelations.

Posted by Hyscience at July 25, 2005 5:45 PM

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