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July 28, 2005

Late Night Natalee Holloway Updates

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Here's the latest on the Natalee Holloway case, starting with the late night information from reader HarryTho, with his comments and opinions:

(...) Greta's news from Tito is that there is male DNA on Natalee's toothbrush. Second, Tito reports (unconfirmed by police) that the search of the pond is looking for one of Joran's sneakers.

(...) As previously reported, male DNA was found on Natalee's toothbrush. According to reporter (I forget whom). it is merely a process of elimination by the authorities to determine whose DNA was. I believe it was Sean Mc Vea's. He was Natalee's old boyfriend and was seen with her on the beach suntanning with Natalee, the afternoon of the night of her disappearance(11:49 PM ET).

(...) TJ Ward interviewed by O'Reilly on Fox News says that the Aruban police are better trained than our police officers in the United States. Ward comments that the error in the Natalee Holloway case stems from inadequate performance in the supervisory roles.

(...) Ward mentioned that the two security guards will be bringing a civil suit against the Aruban government for their early imprisonment.

(...) Ward contends that Joran can be charged with kidnapping under a Aruban law for a claim that Aruban law specifies: if you leave an establishment while intoxicated with someone, and that someone ends up missing, you can be charged with kidnapping.

(...) Art TJ Ward admits to be working for the Dairio newspaper!

(...) Arlene Ellis-Shipper reveals a procedural violation in the DNA order that will hamper the DNA test. It is merely a time error and not damaging to the ability to include the DNA results in the prosecution of the case. With all this media spotlighting, the judge errs in the DNA order!

(...) From Nancy Grace and Art Ward, it appears that there is no corroborating evidence to the gardener witness. Art Ward, working for the Dairio, believes in the credibility of the witness. That's it! Art ward believes that they have the right people in jail; although, he is in disbelief that the Kalpoes remain free. Apparently, the Aruban authorities know more than they are revealing.

(...) Nancy Grace interviewed a female representative in Aruba who revealed that, at least, the second witness may have seen the car, carrying Joran and Kalpoes, a few days before Natalee disappeared (May 28 or 29th). Since Joran was a member of the Racket Club, it would not be considered unusual for him to go there multiple times on any particular night. Also, there is some confusion on the actual day that the primary, new witness actually saw the car near the Racket Club. Keep in mind that the three boys were not arrested until 13 days after Natalee's disappearance. Once again, it would not be unusual for Joran to travel to the Racket Club, after Natalee's disappearance. On Fox News, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Greta. Greta seemed supportive now of the Aruban police investigators and their efforts in this case. Greta seems to know more than she is revealing. Also, this new private investigator (PI) TJ Ward, although his revelations appear novel, they actually are statements that were known to the authorities. Last evening, Tim Miller acknowledged knowing of the new witness and subsequently searched the pond area, being drained right now with his cadaver dogs. The pond was dry at the time that Tim's crew searched it. It would appear that the pond draining is another dead end. Greta claims to be receiving exclusive information from Tito (Aruban representative), sometime this evening on her show.(9:15 PM ET)

Dan at Riehl World View has several updates, some that coincide with HarryTho's:

Fox Update 2
Tito Lacle confirms male DNA found on Natalee Holloway's toothbrush. Without additional information that either Natalee returned to her room alone, or with one of the boys, it's hard to understand the significance of this new evidence.

Also claims several witnesses besides the Gardner have come forward to corroborate whatever information is leading to the draining of the pond. Search is also underway for a missing shoe (sneaker) of Joran Van der Sloot.

Developing - updates posted here.

Update A: Attorney of Joran Van der Sloot is fighting additional interrogation. Court hearing on Friday 2 PM. A procedural mistake in taking the DNA samples may delay the case. Possibility is that the judge allowed the DNA to be taken without the defense having been heard. This would present more of a time delay than anything, as the prosecution could re-apply for the permission to take the DNA samples.

Update B: Here is the video of the John Walsh appearance on H and C tonight.

Update C: Link to video of Tito Lacle on Greta tonight.

Dan also has more...

More developing ... , as available

Posted by Hyscience at July 28, 2005 12:22 AM

In response to Kerfuffles, TJ Ward last evening explained that under Aruban law, if you leave an establishment intoxicated with someone and that someone later ends up missing, you can be charged with kidnapping. Accordingly, Joran van der Sloot is most likely being held in custody under that legal condition, since he was, admittedly, the last person to be with Natalee Holloway before she disappeared.

Posted by: harry at July 28, 2005 1:51 PM

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