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July 27, 2005

Iran says will resume key atomic work despite EU

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Everyone but the EU, and of course Chirac, knew this was comming!

(Reuters) - Iran will resume some key work on its nuclear fuel cycle regardless of what European diplomats propose to defuse a dispute over Tehran's atomic ambitions, Iran's president said on Wednesday.

Mohammad Khatami said the nuclear fuel work would fall short of actually producing enriched uranium, which Washington fears Tehran will use in atomic bombs, but stressed that Iran would also ultimately resume its enrichment program.

"Whether Europeans mention our right to resume activities at the uranium conversion facility at Isfahan or not, we will definitely resume them regardless," Khatami told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting.

In the article we learn that Tehran claims it will enrich uranium to a low level for use in power stations. But we know that the Iranian government is saying that only because of the U.S. position that Tehran intends to take it to weapons-grade for use in warheads. Exactly what Washington plans to do to stop Iran from it's near-term objective of having nuclear weapons, remains unclear. A pre-emptive attack hasn't been eliminated from consideration, but neither has it been voiced as a serious possibility.

This dispute, allowed to continue the way it has up to now, will end only by Iran having completed development of atomic weapons and having obtained sufficient nuclear material to position nuclear warheads against Israel and the West.

Until then, Tehran will continue to tell the Europeans what they want to hear, while the Europeans will continue to believe the lies like little lap dogs, panting with glee over the tiniest of bones. Just like they did with the Islamist's lies about them being all about peace and tolerance before 7/7...

I wonder if I can find some more swamp land in Florida to sell the Europeans. So far, they've been willing to buy anything.

Posted by Hyscience at July 27, 2005 10:43 AM

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