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July 4, 2005

Independence Day - Message from a Soldier in Iraq

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While checking around on some Independence Day comments, I found a post at BlackFive with this link to John in Arabia's message from Iraq:

July 1st, 2005

10km NW of Tikrit, Iraq

(...) In several days, Americans all over the globe will celebrate the birth of their nation, a nation forged in war, yet dedicated to the highest ideals that man has ever aspired to, that all men are created equal. I am a soldier of this unique nation, and I have been asked why I serve. I have a reason, yet not one that would immediately come to most people's thoughts.

(...) Why I serve is for one reason. I have sworn to uphold a document, one that was unique in the world when it was created, and one for which my fellow soldiers serve and die for. The Constitution speaks words that say, All men are created equal. I serve for this, and nothing more. I will defend this document, and the ideals that are written in it, to the death, through what ever misery and pain and separation from loved ones may be required.

Read the complete message from Iraq here.

Posted by Hyscience at July 4, 2005 4:02 PM

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