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July 11, 2005

Holloway Case Got Kalpoe Mother Fired? (with eveining Natalee Holloway updates(

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According to Steakhouse of Manchebo management, Natalee Holloway's mom has nothing to apologize for in the firing of Nadira Ramirez.

- Aruba Girl via BlogsForNatalee
ORANJESTAD--- "The firing of Nadira Ramirez, the mother of Statish [sic] and Deepak Kalpoe, has nothing to do with the Holloway-case or the fact that she is the mother of the brothers Kalpoe", so explains Ike Cohen, director of the Manchebo Hotel.

Hereby Cohen reacts to the expressions of Ramirez in a morning newspaper that says that her firing relates to the Holloway-case. Cohen: "We have given Mrs. Ramirez the reasons for the firings, both verbally and in writing It is not up to us make the reasons for this firing public, since we are of the opinion that it would violate the privacy of Mrs. Ramirez.

The alleged reason that Ramirez was fired would have been fraud. After being off from her work on Monday and Tuesday because of the freeing of her sons Ramirez appeared Wednesday again at her work in the Steakhouse of Manchebo. She was called to the Management, her thinking was that she would have been congratulated. This was not the case. In presence of her highest boss Cohen was she told that she was fired. The alleged fraud would have been committed when she cancelled orders that the clients ate or drank, thus Ramirez would have allegedly put the money in her own pocket. Ramirez denies to have committed fraud and is thinking of fighting her ficanceledring. Ramirez worked nine years in the Steakhouse at Manchebo.

Hat tip to Ian at the Political Teen.

Evening Updates on the search for Natalee:
Dutch End Air Search For Natalee Holloway: Three F-16 fighter jets are to return to base in the Netherlands after being withdrawn from the increasingly-frustrating search for missing US teen Natalee Holloway.(at Riehl World View)

Natalee Holloway Is A Victim of Irresponsible Parenting (really sick thinking): Natalee of course, is still missing and the case seems to have reached a stalemate. Aruban officials have refused to allow FBI investigators to play an active role in the case. Considering the Aruban government's lack of experience with murder cases (there was on murder in Aruba last year), most of us find the refusal of help to be puzzling. However, Aruba's beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters hide a sinister activity. Aruba has long been a jumping-off point for drug smugglers--bringing South American cocaine to the United States. Aruban and Dutch officials have largely accepted the role their tiny island plays in the drug trade. They do not want the FBI peering into their dirty laundry. (I may not agree with the title or the comments relating to Natalee's parents, but there's much in the rest of the article to find interesting and worthy of note - HT Dan Riehl)

Natalee Holloway Fox TV Update via Dan Riehl: Don't be surprised if there are more than one re-arrest in Natalee Holloway story this week. Sources claim forensics may favor prosecutor in this regard.

Libel Suit Threatened Against Beth Holloway(UP): A spokesman for one of the released suspects in the Natalee Holloway murder threatens to sue Natalee's mother for calling his client a murderer. (HT - Rant Me A River and Right In Texas)

Posted by Hyscience at July 11, 2005 1:12 PM

Thanks for the link. Love the blog and have added to my blogroll.

Posted by: Kevin at July 13, 2005 2:33 PM

This gardener is too much , if he saw someone in a bag with long blonde hair and part of her body hanging out of the bag being taken to the landfill , WHY DID HE NOT GO TO POLICE IMMED ??? Or go to the Twitty or Holloways families , he knew where they were staying ,,why didn't he drag that bag out close to the road and start screeming for help , or better than that put the bag in his car and take it to the police ??... I'm sorry but there are way to many unanswered questions from him I don't think we or you have half the truth ,another thing he could not talk about it then but now he can 2 mo's later .WHY??? Does that truly make sense that he could talk about it 2 months later when every thing was so decomposed but not before or destroyed ,,again I'll have to ask again why wait 2-3 mo's ... I think he is really pulling the wool over someones eyes ,he's got a lot of people eating from his hand and getting what he wants I'm sure he is one smart cookie ,,I think someone needs to rethink this person .. Nut I keep asking why did he not retreave that bag if he knew it was a dead person weather it be Natalee or someone else . Just how can you trust him ,please I would like to know your answer ... I do hope and pray we find Natalee safe & well but watching the news it seems as tho it is a circus being formed by everyone no one person going in the right direction , from listening to the news .

Posted by: Elizabeth Cupples at August 6, 2005 5:11 AM

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