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July 20, 2005

Anti-war Activists Guess At Iraqi Civilian Deaths - MSM Media Quote As Fact And It's - 'Presented As Straight News'

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

On a morning that's a little slow news-wise, unless you want to join the fray over the left's antics over President Bush's pick for SCOTUS, I spotted Danny Carlton's piece at JackLewis.Net on, of all things, the literal "makers" of the news.

- Ass Press:

A British research group said Tuesday that about 25,000 civilians died in violence in Iraq in the two years after the start of the U.S.-led invasion.

Iraq Body Count compiled its figures of killings that occurred between March 20, 2003 and March 19, 2005 from reports by the major news agencies, including The Associated Press and British and American newspapers.

So thanks to Danny, we've got some real news to talk about. Danny points out that, all, literally - all of the stats in the article, come from an anti-war group's web site, "," that presented data compiled from news stories - From news stories? Why not the Iraqi government, one would think that they might have a better handle on what's going on in their own country?

However, we all know where the news agencies get their data from - like JackLewis.Net points out - "sham groups like," which the MSM, particularly the ASSociated press "in turn quotes as being reliable sources, as do the multitude of other news sources, that quote the Ass. Press without bothering to check if the story is even accurate."

Just in case you're wondering who is behind, we can again thank Danny for his search for the "names of those involved (names that took some time to find):

They are none other than, "Hamit Dardagan, John Sloboda, Kay Williams, Toby Dodge, Scott Lipscomb, James Kemp and Katy Cronin amnong many others with equally dubious pasts, they appear to be a group of people who've long been fanatically opposed to the war against terror, and seem to feel that it is better for Saddam Hussein to torture and murder millions than for a fraction of that to die winning their freedom. Their website is being maintain by Torben Franck, one of the "peace" activists who urged people to travel to Iraq before Saddam Hussein was ousted, and act as human shields."

"Under "Reported civilian deaths resulting from the US-led military intervention in Iraq" they list deaths that occured from suicide bombings, roadside bombs, car bombs, a "bomb in a vegetable cart"," and suicide car bombs among many other deaths "obviously caused by insurgents who would be killing people whether the US was there or not. They never mention how many died under Saddam Hussein."""

"That they can guess how many have died is highly doubtful, given that they remain safely outside of Iraq. That they could be trusted to report an accurate figure given their obvious motivation is even more doubtful."

Brian J. Noggle in his "Presented as Straight News -Survey: 25,000 civilians killed in Iraq war," notes that "At least CNN did add a bit of a rejoinder, some paragraphs down, from people closer to the conflict than press and media reports:"

The Iraqi government disputed some of the finding of the report.

"We welcome the attention given by this report to Iraqi victims of violence but we consider that it is mistaken in claiming that the plague of terrorism has killed fewer Iraqis than the multinational forces," said the prime minister's office, citing recent terror strikes, including the Musayyib bombing that killed nearly 100 people on Saturday.

"The international forces try to avoid civilian casualties, whereas the terrorists target civilians and try to kill as many of them as they can."

So why is it that this piece puts the claims of academics and activists above Iraqi government officials and U.S. government officials? I think we all know the answer to that - they're all Moonbats!

Posted by Hyscience at July 20, 2005 1:32 PM

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