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July 28, 2005

Afternoon Evening Natalee Holloway Update

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[Latest info is at bottom of post.]

Here's a quick update via email from the intrepid and 'right to the point' reader, HarryTho:

First, outside of Arlene Ellis-Schipper, Ruben Trappenburg may be the most professional representative of the Aruban government. I would believe anything that he says. It is good that your blog quotes Ruben.

Second, concerning the Racket Club visits by Joran and his friends. Joran is a member of the Racket Club. His visits there are understandable. As for the lost shoe angle, since the car has been sighted near the Racket Club, beginning with the 28th of May, it is quite possible that the shoe was lost earlier and has nothing to do with Natalee's disappearance. Additionally, TJ Ward admitted on Fox News to be working (as an agent) for the Dairio newspaper. Despite his professed allegiance to the Twitty's, Ward is essentially a spokesperson for Josie Mansur. Accordingly, representations by Ward, promoting Josie Mansur's exposes, should be taken as such. He is being paid to represent Josie Mansur. Naturally, his comments have to be taken in that context.

Third, as an addition, little is being revealed about the follow up investigation into the comments made by Police Chief van der Stratten to Laura Allison, concerning the lead of an eyewitness to an accosting of Natalee along the shoreline between the Marriott and the Holiday Inn. This is the lead, I believe, that links Natalee to Venezuela.

Fourth, little is being reported about the male DNA found on Natalee's toothbrush. If the toothbrush was in her room, it would seem to redirect the investigation to the Mountain Brook teens. As I am to understand, this is the only DNA evidence obtained form the forensic laboratories in the Holland and the USA.

Dan at Riehl World View, posts that Diario is reporting that Natalee's body has been found, although Dan seems to doubt it and writes that he has been unable to confirm the Diario report.

From Scared Monkeys: Natalee's body has NOT been found, AND Natalee will not be found in the pond that police and fire brigade are draining. They say that for the following reasons:

- The Police have already searched the area
- Texas Equusearch has already searched the area
- The Dutch F-16 Jets have already searched the area
- Four to six weeks ago there wasn't any pond there, as the majority of the water that is there came from the hurricane that passed over the island.

(Sounds reasonable to me)

8:15 PM Update: Another HarryTho summary:

Ruben Trappenburg confirms the AP report on the FBI's negative results on the duct tape and hair. In the interview by Fox News, Ruben states that new witness that claims to have seen Joran and the Kalpoes is a South American and seems credible. My question, after so many days, how sure is the witness that the day he saw Joran and Kalpoes was the very day that Natalee disappeared? With other reports of seeing the car on many days prior to the day in question, he could be wrong on the day.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, coroner, proposed some interesting theories about how Natalee could have demised by falling into the water and asphyxiating. Currents around the island of Aruba disprove his theory: anything buoyant, falling into the ocean, would be returned to the shore. However, he details how Natalee's body would have been devoured by sea predators and crustaceans by now. Interestingly, he seems to hint at a self-inflicted demise. More interestingly, no one has discussed, publicly, the reason for Natalee increase in weight from her 3 May 2005 prom picture and her pictures taken in Aruba. One estimate was a 10% increase in body weight. I believe that it is safe to assume that Natalee was under some form of pressure in order to gain weight so dramatically.

Dr. Casey Jordan, criminologist, believes Natalee's body is on land, since it has not washed ashore. Wecht disproves her contention. Jordan's entire position centers around the conflicting testimony of the three kids.

Scared Monkeys has evening posts - They are planning searching the pond and the landfill in the morning. Also, some background information on the landfill in Aruba.

11:39 ET Update: Another HarryTho opine - "One interesting development from Fox News is Dr. Baden's dismissal of the male DNA found on the toothbrush in Natalee's room. We have to remember that after 60 days, the only forensic evidence apparently in the hands of the Dutch and USA investigative teams is this male DNA sample. Why would anyone dismiss this find so quickly? Dr. Baden feels that it could be the result of an accidental touching by one of the hotel staff. My question: isn't it possible that one of the hotel staff, or many, were involved in Natalee's disappearance? The fixation of attention on a 17-year-old, capable of orchestrating such a miraculous disappearance, has to defy belief. Can a 17-year-old island boy outsmart the Aruban, Dutch and American investigative talents? Is that conceivable possible? Tim Miller and his squad are expert at finding bodies, yet he is totally perplexed. We have to assume that our investigative efforts are going down a wrong alley."

More coming soon ...

Posted by Hyscience at July 28, 2005 3:23 PM

t.j. ward did not say he was an agent for diario. he works for natalee's family. the man who found the gardener who witnessed the young men near the racketclub on the night in question is the one who said he was an agent for diario. he freely admitted that he works for them.

Posted by: observant one at July 28, 2005 5:35 PM


- The Police have already searched the area
- Texas Equusearch has already searched the area
- The Dutch F-16 Jets have already searched the area
- Four to six weeks ago there wasn't any pond there, as the majority of the water that is there came from the hurricane that passed over the island.

Posted by: oneyka at July 28, 2005 5:49 PM

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