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July 26, 2005

Action seems to be picking up on Aruba in Natalee Holloway case - Is there really a chance Natalee could be in Venezuela? (Updated)

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More interesting but very conflicting reports, ranging from draining a pond to Natalee being in Venezuela:

Riehl World View: An unconfirmed report has come in that states MSNBC is reporting that there are plans to drain a pond near the raquetball club. Developing. Then, in an update: Report confirmed. The pond is said to be being drained based upon reports from one of the new witnesses.

Scared Monkeys has "Texas Equusearch is Arriving on Aruba Today," and "New witnesses in Aruba; Credible or Just another Story?" This information seems to be similar to information contained in a previous Hyscience post.

Via email from reader HarryTho: According to People Magazine on AOL, Jug Twitty told reporters that leads have surfaced hinting that Natalee is in Venezuela or some other country. This may be the lead the Aruban police were working on, concerning Natalee's being accosted on her way to the Holiday Inn from where Joran left her at the Marriott Beach.

Fox TV reports that Natalee's stepfather believes big break will come this week, and that the FBI now has a bigger role in the case.

Dan at Riehl World View posts on the Fox update about Jug Twitty telling Fox News this may finally be the week something "big" will happen. Also, A Reader at Riehl World View provides an update on the pond story: A CNN photographer has been asked to leave the area where the pond is said to be being drained.

8:30PM ET, Another update thanks to HarryTho - "Nancy Grace's station(Fox TV)is showing film of the Aruban authorities draining a pond behind the Racket Ball Club. The Rocket Ball Club is about a mile and half from the Marriott. Josie Mansur is hawking his jailhouse-domino-game story. One thing I noticed is that yesterday Josie said the gardener drove by Joran and the Kalpoe's car, yet today Josie claims that the gardener walked by their car."

"Nancy Grace is asking the type of disbelief questions of Josie Mansur for which attorneys are known. Nancy was a prosecuting attorney in Atlanta, GA."

9:32PM Update: AP via email from reader HarryTho - (as in Scared Monkeys earlier post) A second new witness told a private investigator hired by Holloway's family that she saw van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers drive into the Racquet Club three times that same night. The woman, who lives near the nightclub, has not yet spoken with investigators, he said.

For a final update tonight, reader HarryTho emails an opinion to put on the table for discussion and comments. Harry offers:

Greta had a panel on. The one attorney whose dad was a fireman revealed from the equipment being used by the Aruban fire department that they were looking for articles of clothing that belonged to Natalee. The New York Detective felt that the pond was way too shallow to hide a body.

I believe Natalee is alive. If the authorities can proves she was near that Racket Club, then it will solidify some other lead that they may have. Also, someone confirmed that Joran was a member of the Racket Club. Who knows, the Racket Club could be fronting for a white slave trade operation. One thing is certain, the Racket Club members had the capability to dispose of Natalee.
Given the numerous twists and turns in this case, I'd be the last person to say that HarryTho's scenario is anything other than possible, maybe even probable. To HarryTho's guess, I'll add one more. I bet we really do see a break in the case very soon, maybe even as Jud says, this week!

Posted by Hyscience at July 26, 2005 6:06 PM

Dear Harry

The runaway thing is ludicrous. Who would she run away with? Surely after all the lies, being the last ones to be with the girl, my god man what else do you need, a photo. The question is, how bad did they hurt her?

Posted by: Allan Author Profile Page at December 1, 2005 9:56 PM

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