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June 30, 2005

New Iran President invokes new Islamic wave

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Welcome to the harbinger of a new phase of the War on Terror:

IRAN'S ultra-conservative President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, threw down a challenge to the West yesterday by declaring that his election victory marked the dawn of a new Islamic revolution that would spread around the world.

"Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 [the current Iranian year] will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world," he said. "The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world."

But the wave of that which is Islam today, terrorism, has already reached the entire world.

It's time to cut it off at it's roots by recognizing and appropriately addressing it theologically, politically, and militarily, for what it is - a non-religion clothed in the disguise of a flat-earth theology to rule those that are blind to it's violence and ignorant to it's perceived - but totally false, facade of having anything to do with the love and peace of God. With it's sick purpose to rule and control the world, to force non-believers of it's demented and perverted misogynistic culture into submission to it's violent and stone-age sharia law, the fundamentalist's Islam and it's believers belong in the great garbage heap of history's idol-worshipers, along with it's idol - the power to control the lives of others for personal gain, disquised in contrived theology.

Islam today, as practiced by Islamic fundamentalists, is a dead religion worshiping a God that doesn't now, and never did, exist. The God of the fundamentalist's Islam - is Islam, and Islam as it's practiced by the Iranian mullahs and the fundamentalists - is a sham. As much a sham as the Iranian election and it's new president.

If there is a voice of true Islam, is it ever going to be heard and are it's believers ever going to stand up to the Islam of today's fundamentalist mullahs? Either they do so, and do it soon, or "The wave of the Islamic revolution (that) will soon reach the entire world" refered to by Ahmadinejad, is going to result in it's destruction - and I do mean the world's destruction. 

Posted by Hyscience at June 30, 2005 7:19 AM

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