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June 18, 2005

Natalee Holloway Updates: Could Natalee Be Alive? (Updated)

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A spokesman from "Diario" on Aruba said on FoxTV "The Big Story Weekend" that Natalee Holloway may be alive and being transported between Columbia and Venezuela. Could it be true?

(It would be great if someone could translate any key info at Diario to English)

Could Natalee have been on the fishing boat with the fourth suspect?

Bizarre as it sounds, the rumor mill (only unsubstantiated rumor folks) seems to be heating up about this possibility. Rumor is, that the police in Aruba know about it. We are trying to check this out .... (Update - and so far nothing, absolutely nothing more has come up about Natalee's whereabouts, or even whether or not she's alive!)

Meanwhile, FoxNews is reporting that "One of the three suspects being held in Aruba for the disappearance of an Alabama teen vacationing there has been moved from a jail to a prison, while the other two are expected to be transported today."

Dan at Riehl World View will be on Fox TV tonight, discussing blogging and and the Natalee Holloway disapearance.

Because of the search for a Natalee in Aruba, there seems to be an increase in interest in the crime levels of various Caribbean islands.

For what it's worth, with the exception of Diario, the media on Aruba have circled their wagons and are acting defensively. No facts on this, just a sense!

Now for the most bizarre explanation(I'm talking about very bizarre) of her disappearance that I've been able to find, and for entertainment purposes only, if you have absolutely nothing else better to do with your time - check out this bible code "reading" that she could be a victim of white slavery. Remember - it's entertainment, not news.

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Posted by Hyscience at June 18, 2005 9:33 PM

All the anger and frustration rests in the fact that the truth has not been shared with anyone, especially the family of Natalee. I believe the government is hiding the truth. Get the FBI to move fast. Remember the little girl who was burried alive? Aruba will be shamed in the eyes of Americans. How can those in power search and exercise searches when they "don't" have evidence of where Natalee is or what truthfully happened to her??? And, if they do, then from God Almighty....FIND HER!!!!

Posted by: Lorien Pritchard at June 18, 2005 11:27 PM

I have been following the Holloway case on your site and have found this is a great page for all news. You pretty much are my only source to the "New In The World" I am a flight nurse and dont have alot of time to read or surf the web. Keep up the great work, are you a professional journalist? Is this your source of income? Thanks Karen Hall

Posted by: Karen Hall at June 19, 2005 10:56 AM

I as a proud aruban have been living here for 18 years, and I have been going out for about 4 years.. yeah 4 years... I started hanging around the clubs since I was 14, and never I have seen somebody get stabbed or somebody gets shot. I love my island and I know that most of the teens and adults here are not capable of doing such a thing to Natalee Holloway, All I want to say that the people in Alabama are such A holes.. I mean why would somebody boycott an island that has only 1 murder a year compared to Alabama's proximately 400 murders a year?!!!!


The case of Natalee was 100% being at the wrong place at the wrong time.. I bet you she is not even dead, she's probably running away because her parents are so strict and sooo overprotective, and she might have found somebody nice and ran away with him.. maybe she was also kidnapped because his father works in a very high position for the government.. how about that fact? .. Did you know that Natalee's mom came to aruba with FBI ONE day after natalee was lost.. I mean she had to have everything planned already.. She knew that this was going to happen to Natalee one day.. Natalee has known Joran Van Der Sloot almost three days before she dissapeared they've talked and hung around with each other by the hotel area of Holiday Inn (which was clearly stated by one of Natalee's classmate).. I've known Joran for 5 years now I'm forced to know everybody in my class because my school is such a small community and I only have 9 students in my senior class.. which includes joran in it.. He is a very easy going guy, I have never seen him hit a girl or fight with someone in all the 5 years I've been with him.. I am 100% confident that Joran is not capable of doing such a thing.. just like Natalee's mom is 100% that her daughter is an angel, and she will never get drunk/go out with strangers (Which I have seen her myself Friday and thursday night in carlos & Charlies 3 days before she dissapeared with her whole 130 classmates all fcuking wasted and fcuking drunks! dancing with locals, and grinding on stage with locals and friends (The media only show things that are positive for this girl and negative for aruba, there's are things that you've never heard before)) I mean what could be the chance that she went out with some guy? I think about 80% which she did soooo.. something is smelling very very fishy here, I know that if something goes lost here in Aruba they will definitely find it after a couple of days not after 23 days of her dissapearance, Aruba is a small island, and people/tourists cover the whole area of aruba 24/7 they cover the ground with tours and horse rides, they cover the water with jetskies and catamarans and boats.. because everybody enjoys all the beaches in Aruba, so what is the risk of losing something here and not finding it hmmm about 20%.. I'm 100% that she is on the run and she is not going to show up untill she runs out of money or ideas.. But I bet you also 100% that she will not show up here in Aruba, because I have heard rumors that she was making copies of her Passport (although her real one was found in her room at the hotel) she made it at a local store called Antracco which was confirmed by two different locals, both of them were grown female I heard them through the radio, and both confirmed that they saw somebody like Natalee in the same car wiht the Number plate V-237 Camry but eventually nobody wanted to follow up with the story because everybody think she's an angel and she's not going to do such a thing.. thus she probably sents somebody out wherever she was hiding to make a passport for her so she could get out of this country one way or another.. and I'm sure she doesn't want to show up here in Aruba because of all the angry locals that are here, just because a dumb blonde who doesn't know hot to drink got wasted and she probably got dropped off at the marriot and then did something really stupid.. About the MEDIA.. THE media Is fcuked UP! NBC and CNN are doing such a bad job at it, they just throw some news up without even confirming if it is true... then they want to say that aruba's all to blame because all the evidence and clue's were false WELL DUHH you fcuking cunts.. you dont even confirm a news before you post it.. which will result in a bad way afterwards.. ANYWAYS to my main point... this girl is a live and running! people should start thinking outside of the box.. because everything in this box was already searched.. now somebody tell me if all my theories and facts are not wrong? and please answer me back..

Posted by: Proud Aruban at June 22, 2005 11:14 PM

if this is the case proud aruban than why is vds changing his story?

Posted by: Nan at June 23, 2005 9:00 AM

Thanks for your lengthy account of hearsay, Proud Aruban, because that's all that load of crap is. Oh wait, Natallee and her classmates had fun at a bar and danced on the dance floor? INCORRIGIBLE!! The local Arubans should have raped and killed all of them, the harlots! How dare they dance on a dance floor!

The reason why Americans are so concerned about this story is not only the possible horror in the whole thing, but we are also apalled at he mickey-mouse game that the incompetent Aruban authorities are playing with the family, and also w/ the USA. We don't like it when people rape and kill our daughters and then lie to us. Go figure. Perhaps this is typical behavior in Dutch communities, but certainly not in the USA.

you wrote this about the media, etc:

"they just throw some news up without even confirming if it is true... then they want to say that aruba's all to blame because all the evidence and clue's were false WELL DUHH you fcuking cunts.. you dont even confirm a news before you post it.. which will result in a bad way afterwards.."

maybe if the authorites gave the family or anybody some information to go on, they wouldnt have to rely on 2nd-hand accounts. Talk about not confirming news, you are 100% positive she's on the run... hmmm.. that seems a little uncorroborated, as well....

...speaking of fcuking cunts.... sound like you fit the bill yourself...

Posted by: Proud American at June 23, 2005 1:35 PM

If Proud Aruban's only supporting evidence that Natalee "ran away from overbearing parents" is that "two witnesses" saw her make a photocopy of her passport then PA should know that all international travelers are encouraged to keep a photocopy of their passport in their luggage in the event that the original passport is stolen. I'm confident Natalee traveled with a copy of her passport and in the event she couldn't find the copy, she judiciously made another copy so she would be sure to clear customs upon return to the US. If anything, making a backup copy indicates her strong desire to return to the US, not run away from it. A level-headed examination of why something happened, if it happened at all, will go a long way towards illuminating the entire story, so let's stick to Occam's Razor (where two or more explainations exist, the simplist one is likely the true one). Proud Aruban could spend more time at school learning to communicate without cursing, and also how to accurately interpret statistics: Alabama may have a higher murder rate, but it also has a significantly larger population and land mass than Aruba. Alabama should statistically have more murders per capita, or per square mile, if one assumed equal murder rates for both Aruba and Alabama.

Posted by: Chris Franklin at June 23, 2005 10:05 PM

Proud Aruban is full of shiat. Joran is a psychopath and changed his story 8 times now. Most who knew him in his school said he had probs and was a bully and liar.

Natalee met Joran on the same day she disappeared at the casino in Holiday Inn. They met in the casino earlier that day. And not all 140 students were at that carlos n charlies on that nite. Most Arubans DO know Joran is do most his classmates.

Posted by: jorandidit at June 30, 2005 12:37 AM

I urge that the family of Natalee check out the bible code section of this website! It tells us that Natalee is alive and may be working as a prostitute in a white slavery ring that travels throughout the Caribbean, the middle east, and South America! I could be off base about this, but it is most certainly worth a shot to have somebody, anybody, check this theory out!!! If Natalee is alive, then she needs to come home and be with the family who loves her and her abductors need to face justice! The clues you're finding on Aruba could be faked, an elaborate set-up by someone to make it look as if Natalee is dead. The code gives detailed theories as to how Natalee may have been kidnapped and where she is. If she is alive and in some form of slavery, these countries can be very dangerous places and she may be living on borrowed time! GET OUT THERE AND SAVE HER!!!!!!!!!! AND GIVE HER ABDUCTORS A BEATING THEY'LL NEVER FORGET!!!!!

P.S. Based on speculation, it is said that Natalee will be found alive at the end of July. Why not make it sooner than that?


Posted by: Joe at July 22, 2005 3:34 AM

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