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June 14, 2005

Natalee Holloway Tuesday Updates (Updatedx3)

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Here's Tuesday's latest updates on Natalee Holloway's disappearance:

Riehl World View has an excellent synopsis of Natalee's disappearance with interesting details.
Scared Monkeys  has a discussion group going, and also has some a good post on the release of the security guards and what one of them learned from one of the suspects.

The AP reports the release of the security guards and writes that the investigation is focused on the "Arubian Trio. " The AP also provides a slideshow.

FoxNews also reports the release of the security guards, and addresses the "race" non-issue:

(...) "Arubans -- who are descended from Africans, Asians, Europeans and indigenous Indians -- are overwhelmingly adamant that the island has an unusual degree of colorblindness. Even defense lawyers and friends of the black men say race had nothing to do with it."

(...) Aruba was claimed by the Spanish in 1499, but they didn't consider it worth colonizing and shipped the indigenous Arawak Indians (search) off to Hispaniola to work and die in the copper mines. The Dutch seized Aruba in 1636 and used it to graze livestock as a source of meat for other Caribbean islands.     

(...) In 1986, Aruba seceded from the Netherlands Antilles and became an autonomous Dutch territory that has been experiencing a construction boom fed by growing tourism. Offshore banking and oil refining also are important for the island, whose 97,000 people have average incomes of $22,000 a year.     

(...) Dutch is the official language, but almost everyone speaks Papiamento, a Creole language with vocabulary drawn from Spanish, Portuguese and English -- a reflection of the island's varied population and history.     

(...) "Compared to other countries, racism is rather insignificant in Aruba," said political scientist Jocelyne Croes.

FoxNews also offers a video of one of the security guards speaking out, and Fox TV is reporting that the police are searching an area north of Natalee's hotel near a pond that is four to five feet deep, where a young boy reported finding some "suspicious" items including women's underwear and several condoms. Scene is very active but could easily be just another dead end!

Update: News conference in Aruba coming up shortly - time now 1430 ET.

Update 2: Fox TV is reporting that the area presently being searched is in the area of where one of the security guards reported that while in jail was he had been told by one of the suspects that Natalee had been "dropped off." The search intensity seems to be heating up. Could it be possible that we are 'getting warm'? Nothing on online media yet! On the downside, this area has been searched before.

A seemingly well-informed reader(with family in Aruba) suggests that the "Best thing(for coverage) is to stay tuned to  Arubadag and use it to try the different radio stations of Aruba. Top Fm 95 seems the one that is following the news the closest."  (Thanks Peter)

Update 3. FoxNews online now has the beach investigation report up on their site.

Investigators in Aruba began searching Tuesday in an area near the island's hotel district following a new tip in the mystery surrounding Natalee Holloway disappearance.      MORE ...

AP(1630 ET) - Aruban Police Launch New Search for Teen

Riehl World View has updates on the beach investigation(and related) here, here, and here. Natalee's mother is reportedly at the scene now, and crying.

Scared Monkeys has " all press is being moved away front he area......their is an indication that they don't want anyone to see what is happening and that maybe they found something and don't want the press tehir...that is all they have to say...everythign indicates that they may have found something...all local and Int'l press is being moved away from the area."  More ...

Could we actually be about to find Natalee? I had hoped that she had simply run away rather to have been murdered by one or more of the 'Arubian Three'.

Looking back over the entire investigation, it appears that so far, much could be said for calling in the Keystone cops, who might be a bit more organized than the Arubian authorities.

Posted by Hyscience at June 14, 2005 2:28 PM

Ok, at this time the morning news has just started at different radio stations at Aruba

you can go to and choose a radio. We do recommend TOP FM 95 because it is the hottest on the island with the latest news.

Posted by: Peter at June 15, 2005 6:44 AM

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