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June 23, 2005

Natalee Holloway and the "Details on Joran van der Sloot Changing His Story (VIDEO)"

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Here's a few late night pieces of Natalee-related news and comments:

A video provides the details of what Joran van der Sloot changed in his story. According to Tito Lacle's (an Aruba Today reporter) sources, Joran started to change his story when the three suspects were put in a room together. Apparently Joran made up who picked him up from the beach where he was with Natalee. Watch the video at The Political Teen ...

Dan at Riehl World View writes that he believes we are seeing a changing tone with the family of Natalee Holloway. He notes that the step-father confirmed on Fox tonight that he felt a resolution was imminent and that authorities also told him they anticipated bringing in an additional eight or nine potential witnesses for questioning.

My question of the day has to do with a comment left by "Proud Arubian" (and classmate of Joran) at one of my previous posts, " Natalee Holloway Updates: Could Natalee Be Alive? (Updated)." Since I haven't heard more from him I'm not quite sure what to believe or disbelieve, but find the reference to Natalee's copying of her passport a little strange since it wouldn't be of any use getting in or out of a country. I'm posting "Proud Arubian's" comments in the extended post for readers and bloggers to pick over.

Note that I am posting it in the way of a question
, not news or information since none of it seems credible at this point, but I do welcome any further information "Proud Arubian" has to substantiate his claims. He or she did not leave a real email address, so I've been unable to make contact to request more information or substantiation of the comments.

Comments made by "Proud Arubian" at a previous post:

IP Address: (posted since false email address was given.

Name: Proud Aruban
Email Address:

URL: none

Comments: In own words (we at Hyscience are open to hearing more)

I as a proud aruban have been living here for 18 years, and I have been going out for about 4 years.. yeah 4 years... I started hanging around the clubs since I was 14, and never I have seen somebody get stabbed or somebody gets shot. I love my island and I know that most of the teens and adults here are not capable of doing such a thing to Natalee Holloway, All I want to say that the people in Alabama are such A holes.. I mean why would somebody boycott an island that has only 1 murder a year compared to Alabama's proximately 400 murders a year?!!!! Source: The case of Natalee was 100% being at the wrong place at the wrong time.. I bet you she is not even dead, she's probably running away because her parents are so strict and sooo overprotective, and she might have found somebody nice and ran away with him.. maybe she was also kidnapped because his father works in a very high position for the government.. how about that fact? .. Did you know that Natalee's mom came to aruba with FBI ONE day after natalee was lost.. I mean she had to have everything planned already.. She knew that this was going to happen to Natalee one day.. Natalee has known Joran Van Der Sloot almost three days before she dissapeared they've talked and hung around with each other by the hotel area of Holiday Inn (which was clearly stated by one of Natalee's classmate).. I've known Joran for 5 years now I'm forced to know everybody in my class because my school is such a small community and I only have 9 students in my senior class.. which includes joran in it.. He is a very easy going guy, I have never seen him hit a girl or fight with someone in all the 5 years I've been with him.. I am 100% confident that Joran is not capable of doing such a thing.. just like Natalee's mom is 100% that her daughter is an angel, and she will never get drunk/go out with strangers (Which I have seen her myself Friday and thursday night in carlos & Charlies 3 days before she dissapeared with her whole 130 classmates all fcuking wasted and fcuking drunks! dancing with locals, and grinding on stage with locals and friends (The media only show things that are positive for this girl and negative for aruba, there's are things that you've never heard before)) I mean what could be the chance that she went out with some guy? I think about 80% which she did soooo.. something is smelling very very fishy here, I know that if something goes lost here in Aruba they will definitely find it after a couple of days not a fter 23 days of her dissapearance, Aruba is a small island, and people/tourists cover the whole area of aruba 24/7 they cover the ground with tours and horse rides, they cover the water with jetskies and catamarans and boats.. because everybody enjoys all the beaches in Aruba, so what is the risk of losing something here and not finding it hmmm about 20%.. I'm 100% that she is on the run and she is not going to show up untill she runs out of money or ideas.. But I bet you also 100% that she will not show up here in Aruba, because I have heard rumors that she was making copies of her Passport (although her real one was found in her room at the hotel) she made it at a local store called Antracco which was confirmed by two different locals, both of them were grown female I heard them through the radio, and both confirmed that they saw somebody like Natalee in the same car wiht the Number plate V-237 Camry but eventually nobody wanted to follow up with the story because ever ybody think she's an angel and she's not going to do such a thing.. thus she probably sents somebody out wherever she was hiding to make a passport for her so she could get out of this country one way or another.. and I'm sure she doesn't want to show up here in Aruba because of all the angry locals that are here, just because a dumb blonde who doesn't know hot to drink got wasted and she probably got dropped off at the marriot and then did something really stupid.. About the MEDIA.. THE media Is fcuked UP! NBC and CNN are doing such a bad job at it, they just throw some news up without even confirming if it is true... then they want to say that aruba's all to blame because all the evidence and clue's were false WELL DUHH you fcuking cunts.. you dont even confirm a news before you post it.. which will result in a bad way afterwards.. ANYWAYS to my main point... this girl is a live and running! people should start thinking outside of the box.. beca use everything in this box was already searched.. now somebody tell me if all my theories and facts are not wrong? and please answer me back..

Posted by Hyscience at June 23, 2005 12:44 AM

Proud Arubian--- I am not an a*@hole but you ARE JERK and an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Tim-Alabama-USA at June 23, 2005 1:17 AM

@hole, %uck, cunt? The words of an intellectual upstanding aruban citizen?

Posted by: driftn_N_alabama at June 23, 2005 9:15 AM

I think Proud Aruban is quite right. As a matter of fact, most Americans can't stand criticism!!! When crime happens in their country, it is "normal", but when it happens in a peaceful island like Aruba they start talking about boycotting. It is all about double standards. Don't forget that crime can happen anywhere in this world...!!!

Posted by: Lyn at June 23, 2005 10:08 AM

This comparison of crime thing is getting old. The issue at hand is that this was, at one point in time, a very solvable case. There were 3 boys who had last seen Natalee..but your polis let them go to lawyer up and get their stories straight..then 2 weeks later, your polis search Joran's house after all evidence has been disposed of. So either there is a cover up to protect your tourist industry, or your polis are extremely incompetent. And just for the record, whenever there is a botched investigation in our country(the Jon Bonet Ramsey case comes to mind) that police department is criticized by the media just as much. Further more, with some of your comments, you don't represent your people very well

Posted by: Mark at June 23, 2005 1:52 PM

Proud Aruban made some interesting points. Obviously he (I'm guessing he, not she) is immature and angry, but looking past all that, you can see why Arubans are upset by this case. Aruba is a peaceful place where tourists go to party, and they probably aren't geared up for major investigations. The demand for them is so low. In the U.S., we have a need for major investigations all the time, so we are well-equipped to handle it.

Also, take into account that children go missing in the U.S. every day and are never found, even with all our sophisticated police techniques. Let's try to be fair to Arubans and stop blaming the country as a whole. Consider that any Aruban parent would be equally distraught if their child went missing, and that Aruban parents have empathy for the Holloway parents.

Here's hoping Natalie is found alive. Even if her body is found, her parents can get some closure.

Posted by: Kelly Newton at June 26, 2005 9:14 PM

Even if she did make a copy of her passport, there are valid reasons for doing do. For instance, I know when I traveled abroad, I made a copy of mine in case mine was lost or stolen so that I would have some form of identification, whether it would validly allow me to cross a border was irrelevant.

Posted by: Jen at June 27, 2005 12:49 AM

Hey! Proud Arubian. If Joran is soooo nice and innocent, why did he try to implicate some black native Arubian. Why did he lie? Why does he continue to lie. He admitted being on the beach with her alone hours before she was found to be missing. And the fact that you have been in clubs since you were 14 does not make you special or an expert. It just makes you a stupid alcoholic punk who has lost a lot mof brain cells.

Posted by: john at June 27, 2005 4:08 PM

Proud Arubian, I understand your frustration with the bashing your country is getting by the US, but if your gov't has nothing to hide or as you said is incompetent about checking the lead of her making a copy of her passport then why dont they let the FBI help them. Why wont they let the FBI help interogate or atleast have more of a hand in all of the questioning and searching. Your gov't as the US gov't has messed up by letting the boys go, for so long. Evidence could be lost because of that mistake and I honestly think they aren't letting anyone help them now cause they realize that and are trying to cover their tracks and make it right. If the boys would've told the truth from the start this wouldn't be an issue. The fact they lied twice and changed their stories just leaves the question open to what is really true that is coming out of their mouths. From what i've seen on Joran he wasn't no saint from the pictures that have been posted off of his website and other various stories. If your gov't really believed that they are in their right with everything they have done they would ask for help now, but they dont and I dont think they will ever allow help.

Posted by: jen at June 28, 2005 3:40 PM

My heart and gut tell me that Joran Van de Sloot is innocent as well as the Kalpo brothers. They are terrified. There is no way three teenagers ( with no proir criminal record) could committ a murder, dispose of a body and clean away all evidence in a couple of hours. I truly believe that she was left alone on the beach and someone nabbed her. Have the brothels been checked out. Maybe she is being drugged and held there until this thing blows over. Who knows maybe she is already in Amsterdam, posing in a shop window. I do not think that she is Aruba.
I also think that that her friends in Alabama are lying too. The chaperons should have set a curfew and made a bed check that night. You just don't turn a 100 + high school students a loose in Aruba or any country that is foreign to them. Okay, maybe a bunch of street wise kids from NY or LA, but southern kids ...NO WAY...most of them of too friendly, too naive, too trusting. Sorry, but I wouldn't let those chaperons watch my dog. My heart goes out to all of the families involved in this case. My prayer is that Natalee will surface alive and well.

Posted by: MDCle at June 28, 2005 9:30 PM

I am furious about the way that the police in Aruba have handled this situation. As a matter of fact, I am sooo angry that two of my friends and I are planning on going there after July 4th holiday. I am going to find Van Der Sloot if it is the last thing I do. He is a punk kid who needs to be taught the meaning of respect. There is nothing worse than a punk kid who thinks he is a badas$. Well, I am going to show him and his father what the meaning of badas$ is all about.

Posted by: Hunter at June 29, 2005 3:40 AM


Threatening someone on the internet is a federal offense, guess you were unwaware of that? Also, totally uncalled for!

Grow up!

Posted by: blue at June 29, 2005 12:05 PM

I couldn't agree more with what Tim-Alabama-USA said. Just because someone may not have done something wrong before doesn't mean they never will. If anything, if this kid was so good that might have been reason for him to snap and act "badas$" just to prove himself. I'm not trying to say I know and understand everything of the Aruban govt, I'm just saying that if you're under pressure, especially peer pressure, you're more apt to do things you might not normally do; for instance, murder a beautiful foreigner. It would just be that easy, especially a very trustly and possibly niave, young woman who was just looking to have a good time on her trip. I just think that if you really were a "proud Aruban" you would find a better way of supporting and representing your country; for example not using such words as "cunt" or "as$hole" because that just really show how uneducated you all are down there. And I do have one final question... why are you so convinced this girl has run away, and since you know the defendant so well, what do you REALLY know?

Posted by: thinkbeforeyouact at June 30, 2005 10:38 PM

First off, your grammar is pathetic....I guess your senior class of 9 didn't do too well in the language department. Secondly, you can say what you want about OUR COUNTRY (Which, by the way, yours pathetically only exists because of our supportive charity and tourism) yet the fact remains that our law enforcement officials PLUS numerous volunteers had to venture over there and become involved in the search for poor Natalee because, quite sadly, your 'country' officials are at worst, corrupt, and at best, simply incompetent.

Posted by: Becki at July 18, 2005 8:03 PM

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