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June 22, 2005

Natalee Holloway Roundup

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I've purposefully skipped a day on following Natalee's disappearance, just to allow 'time' to follow it's course and allow for some actual news to emerge, other than just verbal water-treading to keep readers attention.  Unfortunately, that's mostly what we've all been fed by the MSM over the last couple of weeks, and yes, by us bloggers too(myself included). FoxNews seems to be trying to do some investigative reporting, and some blogs, like Riehl World View and Scared Monkeys, have been giving it a good shot.

And although many of us bloggers have received some insightful and helpful information from our readers, in terms of being 'useful' in finding Natalee, all of us - readers, bloggers, and the MSM have all fallen short. However, since the authorities on Aruba don't seem to be doing any better than the rest of us are, that is in finding Natalee, it looks like we're all in the same boat(I hope this doesn't turn out to be a pun).

So having given my version of a disclaimer, for those of you that want to cut to the quick, here's a 'nut's and bolts' roundup on the search for Natalee:

On the EquuSearch issue, Riehl World View and Scared Monkeys are posting that problems arranging a charter flight, as well as restrictions on bringing their three search dogs onto the island have delayed the arrival of the Texas search group until Friday. Holloway's uncle, Paul Reynolds, who lives in Houston, asked for the Texas search group's help because the family was frustrated that three weeks of searches on the island had turned up nothing.

The Political Teen has the Scarbrough and Co. video of the EquuSearch group.

In the interesting but 'nothing learned or gained' department Scared Monkeys and Riehl World View have written on the FoxNews interview between Natalee's mother and the Van der Sloots. You should read both blogs since they offer different takes on the story. You may recall that Greta Van Susteren took Beth Twitty, Natalee's mother, to the Van der Sloots' front door, knocked on it and then called for someone to answer; Joran's father, Paulus, answered the door. Greta and Beth were invited in where they sat down and commenced to talked with both of the Van der Sloots (Joran's mother and father) for 90 minutes. You can see the video at the Political Teen (initial meeting before the cameras were turned off and Greta's summary of events).

The Dark Side offers an interesting perspective of the parent's meeting covered by Fox, the interview, and the media coverage of Natalee's disappearance. The post reminded me of something I've thought about from almost the begining - the tragedy to both families, one son in jail, one daughter missing and possibly dead.

You can read the original FoxNews report on the meeting - here.

In the interesting background but perhaps not pertinent category, Riehl World View has this on the issue of Joran's character:

"Following up on a story by Steve Huff of The Dark Side, having reviewed certain records, including text and images, which cannot be made public as they involve minors not implicated in this case, it does seem apparent that 17 year old high school senior Joran v d Sloot walked a strange and wide line between man and boy.

Apparently, at the same time 6'4" school athelete was said to be a proficient gambler frequenting the clubs and casinos in Aruba, he was also known to have had an apparent romantic involvement with a 7th grade girl of thirteen until her parents learned of the relationship and made their daughter break off the relationship back in March."

Riehl World View also offers:

"A source on the island tells me that he has confirmed that Joran was seen having a cream and wires attached to him in his location at the jail this evening and his interrogation continues while the two Kalpoe brothers have been taken to the prison, as has been previously reported.

Addtionally, it was stated that it is possible that the youngest Kalpoe, Satish may even be released as it is thought he might not have as direct a connection to events as some others. That has not been confirmed with another source at this time.

I have also heard that some have said the boys have changed their statement yet, again - suggesting that Natalee was left alone at the beach after becoming hysterical at the beach near the Marriot. If true, this version of a statement suggests that the elder Kalpoe, Deepak, dropped off both Joran and Satish before returning to the beach, where he was reportedly unable to find Natalee Holloway.  

As this clearly departs from statements attributed to the Paulus Van der Sloot that he picked up Joran at a McDonalds at approximately 3 AM, it apears that so many statements have either come out, or are alleged to have come out of this case, that not a single one can be relied upon as true, or even confirmed at this time."    more ...

So ends today's potpouri of Natalee information and resources for more. I'll update later today if I can scrounge up more information from a surprise reader or other blogs.


Posted by Hyscience at June 22, 2005 1:58 PM

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