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June 27, 2005

Massive boycott in Iran opens door to new challenges

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(Thanks to Stefania at Freedom's Zone)

SMCCDI (Information Service)
June 24, 2005

Millions of Iranians boycotted the sham Presidential elections despite all tactics and ruses used by the Mullhacracy and its two appointed run-off candidates.

Sham run-off turns into another fiasco for Islamic regime

Nor the fear created by the prospect of the victory of the worst of the two candidates, who's a former hit man and the current Tehran Mayor; Nor the promises made by a 'redempted' powerful man of the regime who's the head of its Interest Council, were not able to bring a majority of Iranians to vote. The first one, AhmadiNejad, who has been declared as winner, is a notorious backwarded Islamo-Fascist known to be a former head of Militia and involved in murder of several dissidents; And the second one, Rafsanjani, is known for masterminding the continuation of war with Iraq, ordering the mass execution of dissidents and looting of national assets.

According to the regime official sources an estimated twenty five millions voters have participated in the electoral process of the so-called June 24th run-off while the official number of eligibles to vote is over forty-seven millions. In reality and based on the regime's voting laws, an estimated fifty-two millions of Iranians should have the right of voting. The regime intended by this way to reduce the impact of the massive boycott by already reducing its margin of five millions.

In addition, various reports, including official, are stating about a high number of irregularities and frauds made by members of the Bassij force and other intelligence circles. ID cards of many dead persons and mentally ill individuals have been used in addition to multiple voting made under the same names by the use of various identification cards, such as driving permit, birth certificate and national or service ID. These reports alone are rejecting the validity of many of the twenty five millions of vote declared by the regime.

Such conscious mass popular protest move has given the final Coup de Grace to the reminence of the so-called "reformists", "pragmatists" and especially to those so-called Iranian intellectuals, such as, Massood Behnood, Mashallah Shams-ol-Vaezin, Simin Behbahani, Abbas Kiarostami, Abdolkarim Soroosh, Ebrahim Yazdi and many other individuals who had quickly forgotten the past,  and declared their support of Rafsanjani. Already and coming to the hardliners, Iranians had chosen to throw them in the dustbin of history as early as May 1997 by electing Khatami while declaring that "our vote for Khatami is in reality a possible way to say no to the Islamic regime". Four years later and according to official sources, over fifteen million of Iranians refused to participate in the 2001 sham elections.

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