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June 1, 2005

High Crimes At The New York Times: Prisoner Transports Revealed

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

You've got to wonder just what goes through the minds of the people at the New York Times. After all, we are at war. Someone needs to swing for this, and quickly. And don't give me the comeback like the one from the whacko that Rusty at Jawa Report has on his post; some Gibberish about the NYT act comparing to the white house exposing a cia operative to punish the author of a report they didn't like. It's all about perspective and magnitude,folks, not to mention allegation verses open treason on a printed page. The cost in lives(plural for sure) and dollars to rectify this will be huge. The NYT needs to not be let off the hook, and bloggers need to ride this horse until he drops dead and gets sent to the glue factory!

If you are al Qaeda, and you are interested in interdicting or attacking CIA air services that transport captured high value targets, how would you go about finding out how the CIA is moving these prisoners around? Would you:

a)  Attempt to penetrate the CIA and dig into the inner workings of these operations.

b)  Invest heavily in paying off workers at local airports and in charter airlines across the Middle East and Asia to provide intelligence on suspicious flight activities.

c)  Read the New York Times.

If you answered "c", you are correct. Today's New York Times provides intimate detail on the charter flights used by the CIA to ferry prisoners across the globe. The names of the charter companies are disclosed. The types of aircraft flown are revealed. The points of departure and destinations of these flights are stated. There is even a picture of one of the charter craft, with the identification number of the aircraft in full display.

Read more at Winds of Change...

Hat tip - Jawa Report

Posted by Hyscience at June 1, 2005 7:38 PM

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