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June 24, 2005

Friday Evening Obligatory Natalee Holloway Updates

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In an previous post  I stuck my neck out in writing that a spokesman from "Diario" on Aruba said on FoxTV "The Big Story Weekend" that Natalee Holloway may be alive and was being transported between Columbia and Venezuela. I asked, "Could it be true" and could Natalee have been on the fishing boat with the fourth suspect? I noted that bizarre as it sounds, the rumor mill seemed to be heating up about the possibilities. I wrote the post almost in jest, and expected to be laughed off the blogosphere. I still just might be a subject of laughter if the gloomy reports from FoxNews(see below) turn out to be true. But I like somewhat more hopeful scenarios.

And now I have company!

AMERICA UNDER ATTACK has some "Seriously Twisted Thoughts" on the case.

Capital Region People have a plethora of tantalizing theories:
"Nothing new in the Natalee Holloway case? Think again! I've blogged that I thought it a distinct possibility that Natalie may still be alive and may have been taken by Slave Traders. You don't think they exist? Ask Frances Bok.

"...Forced work for no pay under the threat of violence - this is the reality for millions of people enslaved today worldwide. Slavery Today is an interactive overview, designed to educate and inspire. The article to the right is a written overview of this crisis..." (MORE)

Chuck Hollis of "BurstTransmission blogs(via CRP)"... considered this theory to be a bit far-fetched until I did a bit of research on the subject. On Friday, June 3, 2005, the US State Department issued the annual "Trafficking in Persons" report ..." (MORE)

Wizbang is a more down to earth than some of us - he writes, "With 5 different individuals held, assuming that some or all of them were involved in Holloway's disappearance, it's probably just a matter of time until one of them turns on the rest and cuts a deal."

Dan at Riehl World view, also a member of the 'earthy' crowd, writes:

The full throttle search is anticipated to begin tomorrow. They are starting with three grids, one over water and two over land. They will cover those grids before moving on to additional grids based upon evidence or indicators that suggest one spot being more likely to be productive, than another.

Boats are expected to run 24/7 with two boats on the water at all times. In the event of a sonar hit, divers will be dispatched into the area.

There is a great deal of conflicting talk coming from the island. Some is consistent with much of what is in the news, other speculation is very different. Honestly, I can't ascertain the motivations, and in some cases the root source for some of what is being said.

Scared Monkeys, continues the 'reality series' with:

For the first time on Friday after noon the Aruban authorities have come out and stated what many have suspected but most have dreaded to think. As days and days go by as Natalee has vanished without a trace they Aruban authorities have "suggested that Natalee was murdered."

The Political Teen has a video.

Aruba Today (via SM - June 24 edition) has: 'Texas Search & Rescue Team Arrives' and 'Aruban Police Detain Father of Dutch Suspect'

And Fox News has
the gloomy report that "Aruba Authorities Detail Murder Suspicions."

What's real? Most likely the Fox Scenario since its' based upon what the Aruba authorities are leaking out, and they've certainly had enough witnesses jailed long enough to have a better sense of what happened to Natalee then the rest of us crystal ball enthusiasts. I just hope and pray with the rest of you that they're wrong.

Posted by Hyscience at June 24, 2005 9:34 PM

I heard she might have been the victim of a shark attack.

Somebody said they found her Head 'n Shoulders on the beach...

Posted by: mrmeangenes at June 26, 2005 7:07 PM

I hope she is safe, but what the police really need to consider is that her disappearance could have been accidental. This man could have left her on the beach, she could have fallen asleep, and could have been taken away with the tide. The possibilities are endless. Praying for her safe return.


Posted by: Terry at June 28, 2005 7:54 PM

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