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June 20, 2005

Diet and PMS

Topics: Health Issues

According to a new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine, increasing their intake of calcium and vitamin D may help women lower the risk of having premenstrual syndrome. While calcium and vitamin D have been known to help for treating PMS, this study shows evidence that the two supplements may prevent its initial development.

Posted by Hyscience at June 20, 2005 7:22 PM

Well, unless this study shows how these two thing interact with our hormones, I doubt that the conclusions of the study are correct.

PMS is the bane of the lives of a lot of women. Some of us have it from the time we begin with mestruation until the menopause. The controlling factor is related to serotonin in the body.

PMS is not just mood swings. There are additional hormonal factors that have to be considered. It can affect the length of a bleed, the actual cycle, as well as such additional traumatic things as hair on the face, especially the chin. On top of this it can lead to nausea and stomach cramps as menstruation approaches.

The mood swings can be controlled through the use of a product such as Zoloft, in a very low maintenace dosage. The pill is not effective in controlling the symptoms and can make some symptoms such as the hormonal headaches, worse than they were before treatment began.

Then there is the issue of weight. If one's hormones are out of balance then it is harder to keep one's weight in balance.

I doubt very much that the recommended vitamins would have much in the way of effectiveness in helping women resist PMS.

Posted by: Maggie4life at June 22, 2005 3:56 AM

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