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June 1, 2005

Dead On Arrival: Dutch Voters Reject EU Constitution

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Anti-dhimmitude in Holland. Not unexpected after the France vote, but still most welcome. Robert Spencer suggests that "no one is talking about the proposed constitution's condemnation of "Islamophobia" and utter impotence in the face of Islamization as a reason for these no votes, but there is no doubt that these things played a role."

- AP via Robert Spencer's DhimmiWatch

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected the European Union constitution Wednesday, the prime minister said, in what could be a knockout blow for the charter roundly defeated just days ago by France.

Less than an hour after the polls closed, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende conceded defeat in his campaign to ratify the constitution and said the government would respect the results of the overwhelmingly "no" vote on the referendum.

"Naturally, I'm very disappointed," he said in a televised statement.

An exit poll broadcast by state-financed NOS television said the constitution failed by a vote of 63 percent to 37 percent, an even worse defeat than the 55 percent "no" vote in France's referendum Sunday.

Turnout was 62 percent, far exceeding even the most optimistic expectations and a reflection of the heated debate in recent days over an issue that has polarized Europeans. Dutch liberals worried a more united EU could weaken liberal social policies, while conservatives feared losing control of immigration.

The French rejection of the Constitution came from across the political spectrum, including Communists, dissident socialists and right-wing parties. As to whether or not the proposed constitution's condemnation of "Islamophobia" and impotence in the face of Islamization had anything to do with the French vote, who knows, after all - we are talking about the French!

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