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June 17, 2005

Breaking: Fourth Suspect Arrested In Natalee Holloway Disappearance (Updates)

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Updates - see below.

Just breaking, FoxTV reporting that a fourth suspect has been arrested, a 26 year old son of a prominent businessman. A search is presently underway ...

From Scared Monkeys:

"9:17 am: From one of our great sources in Aruba, 'americaninaruba' ...

today 6am police go into house in Sta Cruz where they go with one person ......with initials S.C. this arrest took place 6am this morning...surprised the family with this arrest....we got different information, but we want to get all concrete things together before we bring this news to you.....we dont want to confuse anyone! we want to say that their is suspicion that she is ALIVE! but we dont want to bring up any suspicion to anyone but we will be back with info if this person has information for this case...also in Savaneta they took someone for interogation.....we are hoping this will come to an end, with all this suspicion we believe shes alive.....'

At 9:50 am: MSNBC & Fox have just reported the arrest of a fourth suspect. A 27 year old man.
It has been confirmed by Fox speaking to individual in Justice department 4th arrest 26 year old friend of joran."

More to come.

I still think we are looking at a drug/alcohol issue; could this guy have sold a date rape drug to Joran? Pure speculation. On the other hand, I hope that she just ran away - at least she'd be alive.


AP via Yahoo - The person was identified by the attorney general's office only as a 26-year-old with the initials S.G.C.

Also in custody are 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot, the son of a justice official on Aruba, and his two friends, Surinamese brothers Deepak Kalpoe, 21, and Satish Kalpoe, 18.

Update: (Possible 5th supect) 10:45 AM via Scared Monkeys.
There is a rumor of another person taken into custody, whose father recently committed suicide and who has had serious mental issues since. He has two homes, a house on the main road of savaneta and also another one in Seroe Alejandro, and was known for having underground parties.

A subsequent update from Scared Monkeys notes that there is no 5th suspect. However, Natalee's mom has stated publicly that she expects more arrests(see below).

Update via reader MC: Latest suspect is Steve Gregory Croes, a DJ on a party boat.

Tallahassee Democrat:

Steve Gregory Croes, 26, whom authorities earlier identified only by the initials S.G.C., said he was contacted by police Thursday night and voluntarily gave a statement, said his employer, Marcus Wiggins. Croes also said he knew one of two Surinamese brothers being detained in the case because they went to the same Internet cafe, Wiggins told The Associated Press.Croes was a DJ on the Tattoo, which offers nightly dining, dancing and swimming, Wiggins said. Holloway's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, said she believed there might be more arrests before the case was resolved. She did not elaborate.

Posted by Hyscience at June 17, 2005 10:16 AM

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