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June 11, 2005

Breaking - Fox TV Reporting That Suspect Has Confessed To Killing Natalee (Updated)

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FoxNews(TV) is reporting that a suspect has confessed to killing Natalee. We can only wonder just what the hell for. Is it Joran Andreas Petrus Van Der Sloot? Press conference this afternoon should bring an end to the speculation(see previous post). Or - just watch the TV!

Update( via "Red" at Scared Monkeys):
(Red) Whether the confession story turns out to be true or not; it was irresponsible of CNN to go with it before the familiy was ever notified first. Then the rest of the media followed. No one should ever find out their child may have passed away by the media. CNN - The compassionate news network. (Red)

To which I add: Most Certainly, CNN was thoughtless, irresponsible, and most deserving of criticism. I wonder how the decision maker on the matter would like to find out the same information about his or her child - from television.

And also, although a little off topic:
I so feel for Natalee's parents. May God help them through this terrible pain. This has been gut-wrenching for all of us, but just think how terrible it's been for them.

I have a son in Iraq right now and every minute of every day I think about him and wonder if he's okay. I know that he goes out on a "mission" daily, and I sweat blood praying that he's okay.

A big difference here is that my son volunteered to go back into danger and is doing what he wants to do, but  Natalee just went on a date.

I saw my son off to war, but Natalee's parents sent her on vacation.

I pray my son will make it back, but Natalee's parents thought(but knew in their heart) that she was coming back alive. It was just a vacation.

Sadly, most sadly, they were wrong! And it could be any of us on any given day.

God help us all if we don't somehow reverse this global and deadly downward spiral of immorality, relativism, and a mindset of "anything goes" so long as it feels good or makes money.

I hate to be corny about it, but there is something to be said for faith, values, and the practice thereof! We've all got to not only preach it and teach it(to our kids), we all need to live it too.

Christians, Jews, Muslims(not the Islamists - they're nuts), and all people of all faiths, we need to do more or our kids are going to have a rotten world to live in and raise our grandchildren.

Posted by Hyscience at June 11, 2005 11:08 AM

Suggestionfor Van Susteren and Rivera: Recheck the last place Natallie was seen, don't trust the security viodeo. Check the hotel from top to bottom,every room, closed and box, also check under the hotel also check the hotel that is being renovated. That boy just might be telling the truth. KT

Posted by: K Thomason at June 30, 2005 10:17 PM

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