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June 2, 2005

Bomb attacks across Iraq kill 24

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Reuters is reporting that "insurgents"(Sunni thugs and foreign Islamists) killed at least 24 people in motorcycle and car bomb attacks on Thursday, one targeting the bodyguards of Iraq's Kurdish deputy prime minister and another killing a deputy provincial governor. 

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of  crazed, mindless,  suicidal, foreign killers that are willing to blow themselves up for their distorted interpretation, encouraged by radical clerics, of what God wants them to do. One of these fools plowed his car into a restaurant (in the northern town of Tuz Khurmatu, on the highway between Baghdad and the strategic oil city of Kirkuk), where bodyguards of Deputy Prime Minister Rowsch Shways were eating, resulting in 12 people were killed and 37 wounded. Responsibility for the attack was claimed in an Internet statement by  the "Army of Ansar al-Sunna."

- Wired News

(...)  In another suicide attack, an insurgent blew up his car among a convoy of local government vehicles in the town of Baquba, killing five people including the deputy head of the provincial government, Hussein Alwan al-Tamimi, police said.

(...) A third suicide bomber struck in Kirkuk, detonating his car as U.S. diplomatic vehicles entered the North Oil Company, a state firm that manages pipelines and refineries in oil-rich northern Iraq. Police said two people were killed and 12 hurt.

(...) And in the northern city of Mosul, two motorcycles strapped with explosives blew up outside a coffee shop frequented by police, killing five people and wounding 13, police said.

(...) Two days ago, gunmen in three cars opened fire on shops in northern Baghdad killing nine civilians, Iraq's Defense Ministry said on Thursday, saying it knew of no motive for the attack.

Since the new Shi'ite Islamist-led cabinet was announced in late April the violence has escalated, and the number of suicide bombings and shootings have soared.  The Sunnis chose to sit out the election, and instead, participate and tolerate the murder and maiming of innocent people. So much for their "religious" views. This calls to mind the comment by Robert Spencer that  I referenced in a previous post:

"what we think of as extreme in Islam is not really extreme but mainstream."

This certainly seems to be the case with the Sunnis in Iraq, and I'm not for cutting them any slack or giving them the benefit of any doubt on the matter of their condoning, initiating,  and participating in violence and murder. But just about the time I almost convince myself that all of the Muslims in Iraq are crazed, mindless killers, I remember all those Iraqis that risked their lives to vote in the Iraqi elections. That's when I realize that there's hope for Iraq, we just need to work through this sad period in their history, help them find, fight, and kill the terrorists and thugs, get democracy moving forward so the Iraqis can live in peace, and bring our troops home.

If it could only be as easy as it sounds!

Posted by Hyscience at June 2, 2005 11:40 AM

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