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May 9, 2005

US troops kill 75 in Iraq offensive: Time To Reinstitute "Disproportionate and Overwhelming Force!"

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As should have been expected, the Sunni insurgents, in collaboration with foreign terrorists, regrouped while Iraqi politicians spent three months bickering after Jan. 30 elections, worrying more about their own tribal self-interests than the stability of the country. The ferocity of the sustained terrorist attacks over the last several weeks has frustrated the politicians, who promised stability, but has also surely eroded the Iraqi people's faith in their elected leadership. The longer it takes Iraq's new government to get their acts together, crack down on guerrillas, and start working toward ending the violence and bloodshed - the greater the risk that the violence will deepen sectarian and tribal tensions which could ultimately lead to civil war.

Yet, in spite of all the ineptness of the Iraqi political leaders, there's some good news on the anti-insurgent front. Over the weekend, Coalition forces attacked a group of the self-centered, mindless, anti-humanity insurgents that were hiding in western Anbar province, and killed them. The attack was overwhelming, and the force was disproportionate to the force of the enemy(yes girls and boys, the insurgents/terrorists are OUR enemy and the enemy of the Iraqi people that desire peace and a voice in a functioning government):

- Reuters via IOL

US troops launched an offensive in Iraq's most rebellious province, killing 75 insurgents, following a spate of ferocious bombings designed to undermine the new government, the military said on Monday.

American Marines, soldiers and sailors backed by aircraft carried out the operation in a desert area in western Anbar province, a US military statement said. The figure of 75 insurgents killed was for the first 24 hours.

News of the offensive against insurgents and foreign fighters came after a weekend of heavy losses for the US military and with the Iraqi cabinet still incomplete three months after elections.

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As I've said in a previous post - "As for the "insurgents," the die-hard Baathists and the terrorists - it's long past time for the bugler to sound the Deguello - no quarter and no prisoners, it's time to get rid of Mr Nice Guy." It's time to employ the force component of the Powell Doctrine against the terrorist/insurgent micro-environments of Iraq, wherever they are, and as often as it takes (in case you've forgotten - to use force that is "overwhelming         and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy"). Of course I'm being a bit selective in leaving out the other elements(it's no longer appropriate to concern ourselves with the "reason" elements since we are already in Iraq and have a job to complete)of the so-called Powell Doctrine - just to make a point.

It's time to continuously and relentlessly repeat the weekend's thrust into the insurgent's strongholds with the overwhelming force used over the weekend in the western Anbar province.

Other coverage - Jawa Report(with additional info), Vince Aut Morire, and Secure Liberty

Posted by Hyscience at May 9, 2005 9:26 AM

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