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May 8, 2005

Upsurge in Iraq bloodshed as US seizes key militants

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The Military says that the latest violence is a sign of anti-terrorist success. As the violence seems to escalate, we've captured 20 "'trusted lieutenants' of Zarqawi, and even his driver Abu Usama, who was captured in February, minutes after Zarqawi himself had jumped from the same car. According to Usama, 'Zarqawi became hysterical and didn't know where he was - "he demanded repeatedly, "Who lives in this area? What sub-tribe is here?"' Doesn't sound like a guy that's real sure of himself or feels like he can trust many people other than those of certain tribes.

- Guardian Unlimited
After one of the bloodiest weeks in Iraq since the fall of Saddam, US military officials have claimed that the dramatic upsurge in violence is proof they are close to breaking up the terrorist network of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In the last nine days, about 250 Iraqis - mostly from the country's fledgling security services - have died in a series of suicide bombings which continued yesterday when two car bombs killed 22, including two Americans, at one of Baghdad's busiest road junctions.

Despite the escalating violence, American officials this weekend took the unusual step of announcing that the bloodshed was the insurgents' response to the headway they claim they are making in breaking up the terror networks.

According to the statement, at least 20 'trusted lieutenants' of Zarqawi - the most wanted man in Iraq - have been captured or killed in recent months, including 'terror-cell leaders, propaganda chiefs, bomb-makers, drivers and other key lieutenants'.

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