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May 8, 2005

The Future of Family Medicine

Topics: Medicine

Interesting notes from a conference talk - via Diabetologica:

"Patients don't come to use for information ..they come to us for CARE .. as they have access to information."

Principle: care is based on continuous healing relationships.

The comments remind me of the rise of telemedicine, technology and protocols that will provide a continuous connection with health care providers.

More importantly, by catching illnesses promptly and reducing the need for after-hours trips to the hospital, telemedicine could help to improve children's health and reduce health-care costs, proponents say. - more

The growth of telemedicine systems in the United States is driven by the aging population, especially in the remote areas, complemented by the shortage of physicians and nurses to attend the patients.

Technological advancements in telemedicine are enabling healthcare providers to attend several patients remotely at the same time with unified collaborative communication solutions that allow audio and video communication, web access and data/image transfer in a single stand-alone monitoring system. There are other emerging applications such as e-prescribing making life easier for doctors, allowing them to utilize most of their time in providing better patient care rather than spending time on writing prescriptions. As for the patient, he/she can sidestep the hassles of endless visits to and long waiting hours at the clinic or a hospital, especially if the patient belongs to the elderly population segment. - more

Hat tip - Diabetologica

Posted by Hyscience at May 8, 2005 7:34 PM

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