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May 6, 2005

Syria Ignoring Requests To Stop Jihadist Infiltrators

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Although a day-old story, this is still worth posting on since Syria continues to resist efforts to curb terrorism. According to U.S. General John Abizaid, Syria has ignored US demands to stop foreign fighters crossing the border into Iraq and "terrorists" from operating out of Syrian territory. The U.S. has asked Syria to cooperate with chasing terrorists and halting Iraqi Baathists from operating out of Syria. Abizaid is saying that the U.S. requests have been very specific and clear in about the demands, which have fallen on "deaf ears" resulting in no response from the Syrians.

InTheBullPen posts that there are numerous terrorist bases on the border of Syria and Iraq, some of which have been raided multiple times.  The Iraqi government has taken steps towards confronting Syria regarding housing Baathist regime members tied to both Saddam Hussein and the insurgency in Iraq, but the efforts have failed to result in any cooperation from  Syria.  Syrias lack of cooperation in curbing terrorism is evidenced by the fact that European jihadists are being recruited throughout Europe and traveling to Syria to be further indoctrinated and armed.

Although a posting on a jihadi website did warn terrorists of Syrian checkpoints and called on terrorists who wished to enter Iraq to avoid them at all costs, an indication of at least a visible effort on Syria's part, checkpoints are relatively passive activities and what the U.S. is calling for are aggressive and active approaches to stopping jihadists. Roadblocks constitute what amounts to only "lip service," for which Syria is known to have provided in previous requests to curb terrorism.

Hat tip - InTheBullPen

Posted by Hyscience at May 6, 2005 10:25 AM

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