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May 17, 2005

SaveOurState Rally Against Baldwin Park Monument Attacked By Mexican Reconquistas

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

A peaceful protest rally against a taxpayer funded monument declaring that California would once again be part of Mexico one day descended into chaos as 500 counter protesters showed up hurling racial slurs and openly stating that they would retake the state. Why is this tolerated and why isn't  this considered as criminal? Just because this is America, doesn't mean we should hide our heads in the sand and pretend that these idiots are just expressing themselves.

Digger's Realm covered the monument (see images) on May 8 and the announced protest on May 13, and has several images.

The Washington Post covered the story.

Members of a group that opposes illegal immigration protested a piece of public art with inscriptions they claim are anti-American, sparking heated exchanges with residents of this heavily Hispanic city.

Police in riot helmets separated the 40 members of Save Our State and scores of residents during the rally Saturday, but there were no reports of arrests or injuries. The protesters were then escorted away from the site.  More ...

Joseph Turner of has posted his side of the incredible events at the SaveOurState website.

Digger's Realm finds it amazing that the anger was directed at these protesters "over a monument."He finds the underlying hatred in the Hispanic community towards American Citizens who want orderly immigration and a stop to the constant invasion by illegal aliens to be appalling. I on the other hand find it criminal.

How is this the protesters fault in any way? They exercise their right in their own country that they disagree with a monument that is offending to them and they are confronted with hatred from a group that seems to be made up of mostly people that want to overthrow our country. How much violence is it going to take before our government realizes there's an underlying issue that is soon going to come to a head? Does someone have to die before they do anything? Oh wait someone already has...

There are many pictures and video footage of the protest at

There are also pictures at Free Republic and Indymedia

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Posted by Hyscience at May 17, 2005 11:23 AM

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