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May 27, 2005

Orianagate/3: The Blog Swarm Continues

Topics: International News

In Italy, the blog swarm continues - now very much an international blogging event on the Italian judge's decision to prosecute writer Oriana Fallaci for "defaming Islam" in one of her books.

It's nothing less than a ridiculous prosecution and a clear case of the violation of the right of free speech, just as is the case of Democratic Senator Conyors' furthering the Islamic agenda of suppressing our freedoms here in the U.S. and having non-Muslims live submissively under Muslims. Bloggers and blog readers could find ourselves prosecuted for mishandling or in any way disparaging the Koran or Islam, as would Italians should Judge Armando Grasso have his way. Islam would become more equal than other religions here and in Italy. Conyer's bill's language refers to religious tolerance but singles out Islam and the Koran for special protection, and the Italian judge is prosecuting an author for writing the truth about Islam. In both cases, freedom of speech is restricted in favor of the furtherance of the Islamic agenda - submission of non-Muslims to Islam.

And that amounts to bringing in sharia, Islamic law, step by step by step!

The Right Nation in Italy posts:
Nell'anglosfera il blog swarm non accenna a diminuire
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Breve round-up degli ultimi post nella blogosfera italiana: Walking Class, Krillix, Le guerre civili, JimMomo, Zigurrat, Free Thoughts, Il Megafono, Robinik, Il Federalista, Il Cannocchiale, Irregolare, Galileo, Capperi!, Freedomland, La zanzara dispettosa, Nequidnimis, IdeaLibertĂ , Riflessioni... di un uomo maturo (?), Una voce che urla nel deserto, Censurarossa, Antikomunista, Giovani Liberali, Valpalot, Tutta un'altra cosa, Blacknights, Tucidide, Chicco76, Una finestra sul mondo, Desaparecidos, Matteo Fontana, Oggi, Otimaster, Il Castello, Kill Your Television, Paeninsula, Il Raccontatore, Oltretutto, Catablog.

Tom Wolfe once said that Fascism is forever descending on the United States, but that somehow it always lands on Europe. Perhaps the same is true with theocracy? (Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit)

Posted by Hyscience at May 27, 2005 11:18 PM

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