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May 12, 2005

Operation Matador Significant Event Log and Other Matters Iraq

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Here's a quick roundup of events in Iraq with a focus on Operation Matador, and a few other news events of interest:

"The Adventures Of Chester" offers a "significant events log" of Operation Matador, with a map image  for perspective. Numbers on the map correspond to the listed event, listed in rough chronological order.

(...) 1. Sunday, early morning: The bridge crossing(s) that began the operation were supposedly slower in progress than planned. Did this give a tip-off to the enemy? Mortar fire hit the bridging sites from Ubaydi and on the south side of the Euphrates at another site.

(...) 3. One squad of Lima Co, 3/25, spent the better part of Sunday clearing a particular house in Ubaydi. The enemy had hidden in the basement and fired armor-piercing bullets through the floor at the Marines. Most of the day was spent destroying them, by this one squad, reinforced with heavy machine guns, a tank, and F-18 airstrikes.

(...) 7. Monday night - A US convoy, 7km east of Al Q'aim and Camp Gannon, was hit with a significant combined arms counterattack, including multiple dismounted insurgents in buildings along the road with AK-47s, RPGs, roadside bombs, and two suicide vehicle bombs. The convoy was sent to retrieve a tank that had been diabled by an AT mine. A suicide bomber hit one Humvee of Marines and the wounded were retrieved and put in a tank for transport to an evac site. Shortly after leaving the kill zone, an M88 tank retriever hit another AT mine. The Abrams towed the M88 to a safe zone, and after the wounded were evac'ed, both the original Abrams and the damaged M88 were towed to Camp Gannon.  Catch the rest at Chester's  ... (update - apparently Chester is having some bandwidth problems and may have inadvertantly moved the post/will fix if and when available).

Winds of Change.NET - "As most of you know, allied forces are sweeping through the north of Iraq near the Syrian border, and finding it surprisingly well fortified as they chew through their objectives. We have the roundup."

Belmont Club has a map key, and some deeper analysis. Interestingly, it seems to correlate with some professional military analysis. But then, The River War predicted operations like this months ago.

Marine Corps Moms - in Iron in the blood of the Betio Bastards says "My son called me this morning - it's always nice to hear from him, even at 5:30 a.m. He was watching news reports from the Syrian border and remarked, "It's great to see that Husaybah is finally getting the attention.""

The Fourth Rail - in Pushing Westward, Winning Hearts and Minds  posts "We are glad the Americans are here." The Marines' drive westward in Operation Matador appears to be almost complete. Solomon Moore, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, describes the tragic death of Marines from Lima Company of the 3rd.

BlackFive - in "Marines Take Care Of Their Own" has a great read sent via email (via Seamus) from a Marine Chief Warrant Officer in Iraq.

Asia Times -  (for an anti-American viewpoint) "In Iraq's insurgency, no rules, just death."

TheBelfastTelegraph Digital - "Suicide bombers kill 66 Iraqis as US troops meet fierce resistance."

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