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May 16, 2005

Newsweek Foopah Has Legs - Growing (Updated)

Topics: International News

Here is a plethora of information that fits like OJ's glove with my previous posts here, and here. The Newsweek story about the "Koran in the toilet" story that wasn't, and itself belongs in the toilet, continues to grow, and Michelle Malkin is all over it.

Michelle has "Newsweek fallout - Radio Canellations?"
and says that Brian Maloney has the scoop. Also offers related info that Glenn Reynolds writes at "[J]ournalists shouldn't be surprised that so many Americans are questioning their patriotism -- to the extent that they feel there's any question left."

Also -  Newsweek lied*. People died.

And there's more from Michelle who provides:

Scott Johnson at Power Line said it best and tersely: "Pathetic."

Roger L. Simon
wants to know who Isikoff's source was and sez: "Newsweek isn't saying. Until they report such things as that, I won't believe a word the magazine says. Why would anybody? BTW, am I the only one who finds Newsweek always referring to itself in UPPER CASE to be repellent? It reminds me of people who post in caps on the Internet. You're always suspicious they're lying."

Newsweek has blood on its hands. Blood on its desks. Isikoff should cough up his source.

Little Green Footballs: The Jihad Newsweek inspired

Blackfive: Partners in terror?

Mudville Gazette:
Shredding the book

Marc Landers at U.S.S. Neverdock asks: "[H]ow many in the world will read this admission? And of those who do, how many will conclude that Newsweek was pressured into this admission by the government to quell the riots?"

He also wonders where the MSM was when terrorists used the Bible for toilet paper.

The Anchoress offers an answer to the question: "What is at work here - why is Newsweek deliberately pouring fuel onto a fire?"

Captain Ed: "Remember this when the Exempt Media gets on its righteous high horse and instructs us on their superior system of checks and balances." Exactly.

Omar at the invaluable IraqtheModel observes:

And also "More on the Newsweek-Blame-The-Pentagon Spin in which she writes ....

On MSNBC's Don Imus show this morning, Newsweek's Howard Fineman and Jonathan Alter patted themselves and their magazine on the back for their fine demonstration of media accountability...and continued the blame-the-Pentagon meme.

And don't forget to check out "WHO WAS NEWSWEEK'S SOURCE?"

And there is even more from Michelle:

Some sharp-eyed bloggers are looking at Sgt. Erik Saar, former Guantanamo Bay interrogator and co-author with Time magazine's Viveca Novak of a tell-all book about alleged abuses called Inside the Wire--just released and being promoted by the Washington Post and everywhere else.

See Mudville Gazette and Judicious Asininity for background.

Milblogger Greyhawk writes:

This is America, and we all have freedom of speech, and nobody will riot in front of the offices of Time, Newsweek, or Penguin publishers over this new outrage. So cash your checks with pride, Viv. You too, Eric. The prisoners in Guantanamo may or may not get over the shame of being teased by women in thongs, but 14 Afghanis are certainly and permanently dead.

The Anchoress has another soldier's take on the Newsweek riots.

Captain Ed blasts the magazine for its Blame The Pentagon strategy:

Not only have Isikoff and Baker, and Whitaker, put American soldiers and Marines in further danger, now they blame the military for not censoring them. It's pathetic, it's ridiculous, and Newsweek should be ashamed of themselves for this offensive defense of its incompetence and abjectly biased reporting.

Repeat: They should cough up the source.

Update: Commentor below hopes we were just kidding around by using foopah instead of faux pax. Can you think of a better word for an extraordinary, really dumb, ignorant mistake against your own country in a time of war just to make your president and military look bad? How about one that results in world wide riots and deaths, and puts the lives of the people who are risking their own lives for you, in jeapardy? Right, hence the use of foopah! But greatly appreciate the cross-check anyway.

Posted by Hyscience at May 16, 2005 2:43 PM

I really, really, really hope you meant faux pas and that you are just kidding around.

Posted by: Bear at May 16, 2005 8:07 PM

Great Roundup! The damage has been done. I hope that Newsweek loses subscribers. That's the best way of getting their attention.

Posted by: EdWonk at May 16, 2005 8:43 PM

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