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May 25, 2005

New U.S. Tactic In Iraq: US fights Iraq fire with street fighters

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

According to Syed Saleem Shahzad, writing for Asia Times Online[I always find ATO and particularly Syed Shahzad, anti-US and "NewsWeak-like" in slanting news and opinion], the US, instead of training up a regular professional Iraqi army, will create what in effect will be armed militias, acting  under US central command, to take the militias of the resistance on at their own game - in the streets! With the insurgency constantly changing it's tactics, I think that it's clever for the U.S. forces to do the same, and in this case, use the very people that know our enemy(and theirs) best - the guys that've been fighting against the Baathists the longest.

ATO reports that the US-backed militias will be comprises of three main segments - former Kurdish peshmerga (paramilitaries), former members of the Badr Brigade and those former members of the Ba'ath Party and the Iraqi army who were part of the Saddam regime but who have now thrown in their lot with the new Iraqi government. All three segments have already been equipped with low- and medium-level weapons purchased from various countries, including Pakistan. Military analysts    believe the US military in Iraq will use the Kurd and Shi'ite militias to quell the resistance in  central and northern Iraq, while in the south the former Ba'athists and old-guard Iraqi soldiers will be used against anti-US Shi'ite groups.

This "street level" group of fighters is meant to counter the manner in which the central command of the terrorist/thugs(Iraqi communist, Islamic, Ba'athist and nationalist groups) that make up the "insurgents, reorganized their activities; a key to which was merging mohallah-level (street-level) Islamic groups scattered in their hundreds across Iraq to work toward a common goal  - defeating the "occupation." In turn, these terrorist/ thug militias of the so-called insurgency would supposedly draw-in common folk into their struggle, so that, literally, the streets would be alive with resistance. At least that's the way ATO colors the story. However, we've already seen that the Iraqi populace is tiring of the violence and these "mohallah-level" Islamists, and are already fighting back against the Islamic thugs. So Keep that in mind when reading the source of this post.


Posted by Hyscience at May 25, 2005 1:11 PM

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