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May 6, 2005

More On Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Should Osama Be Worried?

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Dan at Rhiel World View posts that Amid reports from Pakistan that the interrogation of Abu Faraj al-Libbi is going well, the Pentagon is has said that Osama bin Laden should be worried as a result of his need to rely on less experienced operatives to support him and his terror organization.

"I think that bin Laden should be very concerned that we are that much closer to him and his compatriots, again, wherever they are," said Lieutenant General James Conway, the operations director of the military's Joint Staff.

Pakistani officials say it's too early to tell what they will do with Abu Faraj as he is implicated in attacks within Pakistan and could be placed on trial there, as opposed to being handed over the the United States.

Al-Libbi, accused of plotting attacks against the US and the UK, is also the suspected mastermind behind two attempts to kill Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in December 2003 and could face the death penalty for these attacks.

There are differences of opinion as to the actual role of al-Libbi within al-Qaida, some feel he might not be the third highest and most important operative CIA documents make him out to be. If he is the operations chief who took over for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed upon his capture, he may be able to help in the search for bin Laden.

It has also been reported that Abu Faraj had contact with a ring of ten militants operating within Britain - including a radical cleric and a terror suspect awaiting trial while 8 of the group is still at large. It's claimed that a courier led CIA and Pakistani security forces to an Abu Faraj hide out.

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But the folks at Northeast Intelligence Network are saying that "it is nothing more than a very small dent in the al Qaeda armor. No one is really sure of al Qaeda's exact rank structure or who is presently included in their operational chain of command, especially when we don't even know with any degree of reliability whether Osama Bin Laden is dead or alive. What IS certain, however, is our high degree of uncertainty - and the extent of our uncertainty."

For example:

We are not certain of:
* The identities of those al Qaeda members presently in charge and their rank in the chain of command;
* Which leaders are dead, alive or misidentified;
*The actual number of al Qaeda operatives worldwide and their current locations;
* Which countries are supporting and supplying al Qaeda that we do not currently suspect of doing so:
* Whether Al Qaeda actually has possession of or access to nuclear weapons;
* Whether Al Qaeda actually has chemical and biological attack capabilities;
* The number and locations of terrorist cells;
* The identities or locations of al Qaeda's short list of targets;
* Which groups that have become affiliated with al Qaeda or are currently under their command, including those that may share a common hatred of the US but are not Islamic fundamentalists in ideology.

In other words, there's much more that we don't know, then we know.  NIT goes on to say that:

"The only thing we know for certain is that there is a vast Islamic based movement named Al Qaeda; with many facts unknown about them that has placed crosshairs on this country and other countries like our country. Who, where, what, why and when is the uncertainty. Maybe when we find out more about the enemy we will actually stand a chance of destroying the enemy. If the estimate of over 200,000 Al Qaeda members is accurate, then we haven't killed or captured a full ten percent of the membership."

Posted by Hyscience at May 6, 2005 1:10 PM

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