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May 5, 2005

Menopause delay 'a possibility'

Topics: Medicine

New research shows promise for women with poor fertility or who are about to experience an early menopause, to have a better chance of conceiving through in-vitro fertilization.

Us researchers have revealed that early stage human eggs have been developed from stem cells for the first time.

The researchers from the University of Tennessee claim the laboratory research could help women with premature menopause or fertility problems, and they suggest in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology that it could lead to the natural menopause being delayed by up to 12 years.

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Posted by Hyscience at May 5, 2005 1:04 PM

I am not convinced that this form of treatment is a good idea. If the woman is heading for early menopause then it is up to her specialist to find out why her system is failing too soon.

I have a few ethical problems with this pursuit of fertility, especially as women have been delaying having families for longer and longer periods of time.

We hear so many distorted views about our fertility that it is hard to grasp everything that is being told to us. Thousands of years ago young girls of about 14 or 15 were starting their families, and this continued until about the 20th century. Suddenly we are informed that having children at such a young age is a risk. Yet, Well I think there is more risk for older women who have delayed pregnancy.

Our fertility rates have been lowered because of the overuse of the pill. Yes, the pill is a factor in the reason why so many women are having trouble falling pregnant. If you play with the endocrine system, upsetting one's hormonal balance by using the pill, then there is always the possibility of trouble as one ages. I am not even certain that trials concerning impact upon fertility were ever conducted before the pill was so widely prescribed.

At the age of 50, and after having 3 children, I am in the middle of menopause. Yes, my blood tests have indicated that my ovaries are shutting down. This is a normal process for every woman. I am still not convinced that hormone replacement therapy is a good idea. We are told that there is a high risk of osteoporosis but I wonder if we are being given the full picture prior to the pushing of HRT over allowing our hormonal changes to happen naturally.

The hormonal changes that I have undergone so far have been beneficial for me. At last I am not facing nausea (dry retching) every month.

Instead of wasting money on this form of stem cell research, there needs to be further research into discovering the causes of fertility, and then advising potential parents of their chances to have healthy children.

Posted by: Maggie4life at May 6, 2005 4:43 AM

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