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May 8, 2005

Is it true that the Gaza Strip's Palestinians live in the world's most crowded place?

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Palestinian militants have stepped up arms smuggling from Egypt in preparation for attacks in the West Bank in September or October, according to Israeli security officials. There has also been a significant increase in terrorist attacks against Israeli communities and civilians inside and outside the Gaza Strip. Palestinians have fired kassam rockets, mortar shells, and anti-tank missiles at Israeli communities and IDF forces in over 30 different incidents. As a result three soldiers and an Israeli civilian were wounded. In addition, eight attempted infiltrations into Israel were thwarted, involving 25 Palestinians.

As Israel continues to see such renewed violence by Palestinian terrorists, some folks like to attribute some of the blame on the population density in the Gaza strip.  But the short answer to the question posed in the title of this post is a resounding NO! By taking a look at a summary of information available at we can see that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip do not live in the world's most crowded place, as is often stated by the MSM and other anti-Israel pundits.

So Lets Compare:
Gaza Strip : 1.4 million residents on 360 km² = 3,900/km²
Tel Aviv, Israel: 7,221/km²

Other countries and regions for comparison:
China: 6.9 million residents on 1,103 km² = 6,206/km²
Taipei, Taiwan:  2,6 million residents on 272 km² = 9,660/km²
Mumbay, India: 17.5 million residents on 438 km² = 28,800/km²
Singapore:    4.4 million residents on 693 km² =6,400/km²

Cairo, Egypt: 25,325/km²
Casablanca, Morocco: 15,514/km²
Tunis, Tunisia: 9,164/km²
Istanbul, Turkey: 7,013/km²
Lagos, Nigeria: 13,591/km²
Caracas, Venezuela: 16,266/km²
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 8,280/km²
Moscow, Russia: 14,605/km²
Warsaw, Poland: 5,198/km²
London, United Kingdom: 5,100/km²
Naples, Italy: 4,118/km²
Berlin, Germany: 3,154/km²
Monaco: 16,600/km²

Mexico City, Mexico: 9,736/km²

Los Angeles, USA: 2,436/km²
West Bank: 425/km²

As you can see, we can put that population density issue in the circular file where it belongs.

Posted by Hyscience at May 8, 2005 10:30 AM

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