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May 29, 2005

In the Grand Tradition of Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose: NewsWeek Provides Their Own Version Of "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion"

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Jack Birnbaum, writing at Tech Central Station (May 17) offers the following insight on the NewsWeek fiasco and suggests that NewsWeek has provided us with their own version of "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion." Birnbaum's stinging commentary sums up the potential damage caused by Newsweek in the "Koran in the toilet story." 

While being in full accord with Birnbaum's assessment of the damage to our country caused by Newsweek's fiasco and enthusiasm to find fault with the U.S. and give Muslims a pass, I offer that in addition to Newsweek's "protocols," much of the rest of the MSM has in the past and continues to be a participant and co-conspirator in relentlessly and unjustifiably attacking our nation, our military, and the administration - in a time of war.  The liberal MSM sympathizes with the enemy and provide him psychological tools to create anger, hatred, and violence against the U.S., while virtually ignoring the intolerance and murderous violance of radical Muslims and Islamic terrorists.   As Birnbaum suggests, "only time will tell how deep and long-lasting the damage will be, and even then, we will never really know how much of a role it may have played in a failure to succeed in bringing free political systems into the Arab world, or in an Iranian use of a nuclear weapon, or in a group of suicide attackers spreading smallpox around American cities." However, this also applies to all of the liberal media so intent on attacking the U.S. and focusing on ridiculously silly "abuses" while ignoring the very real atrocities of our enemy. Chopping of heads just can't be compared with a pyramid with naked men, or "touching, flushing, or doing anything else to the koran!

- Tech Central Station
Several months ago, if you care (and there isn't any reason you should), I failed to renew my decades-long subscription to Newsweek, after realizing that I wasn't interested in the "lifestyle" features that the magazine was increasingly filled with, and that the rest of the content was freely available to me on the web by linking to the Democratic National Committee's talking points.

But even though it has been clear that most of the large news outlets in this country have long ago discarded straight reporting of what happened for a smorgasbord of thinly disguised opinion pieces (usually on the front page, leading with "Many experts feel that..." or some such) and "investigative reports" that somehow only investigate those with whom the outlet has policy disagreements, Newsweek has now gone a step further. And that step is into the abyss.

In its breathless excitement of finding yet another "insider" who has information that would prove not only embarrassing to the current administration, but also reinforce their worldview that America is terminally insensitive to other cultures, they have passed on to a credulous Islamic world a terror suspect's allegations (if he ever actually made them... even that is unclear) that interrogators at Guantanamo, in their overzealous efforts to obtain information that could, perhaps, prevent another 9/11 or something a lot worse, flushed a Koran down the toilet. (Plumbing is apparently not a required subject in modern journalism schools, but still, one would think that some familiarity with the thickness of the Koran as well as personal experience would have raised a red flag here. Apparently not. Continued speculations on this point are left to the reader.)

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Posted by Hyscience at May 29, 2005 12:17 AM

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