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May 9, 2005

Exercise 'slows prostate cancer'

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A study has found that regular vigorous physical activity could slow the progression of prostate cancer in older men. The findings suggest that working up a real sweat may help prevent men over 65 from dying from the disease. But the team from Harvard School of Public Health found men had to work out vigorously for at least three hours a week for it to have a positive effect.

The 14-year study, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine, focused on data on 47,620 men in the US. 

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Interestingly, a low-fat, high-fiber diet and regular exercise was suggested by researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center and UCLA's Department of Physiological Science as a way to slow prostate cancer cell growth by up to 30 percent. The date of that study was back in September of 2001.

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