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May 26, 2005

Animal Activists Get More Militant

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Radical animal activists, Islamofascists, and other such violent extremists - they're all mindless fools and they are all dangerous to our physical and societal health!


Last month, animal rights extremists followed the wife of a pharmaceutical company executive to her job, rifled through her car and stole a credit card. They used it buy $20,000 in traveler's checks, which they then donated to four charities.

A Web site announcement boasting of the act included a more sinister threat:

"If we find out a dime of that money granted to those charities was taken back we will strip you bear (sic) and burn your (expletive). This is OUR insurance policy."

The actions by the radical Animal Liberation Front appear to be the latest salvo in an ongoing battle pitting scientists, businesses and labs involved in animal research against those intent on stopping them -- at almost any cost.

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These people are nothing more than terrorists - distorted minds with sick agendas and no sense of "proportionality" or reason. They are an extreme of the same mindset as that of the liberal media whose unrelenting bias and attacks on our nations military and government work to destroy from within the very country that provides the freedom for them to do what they do, and the Islamofascists that seek to destroy those same freedoms from the outside.

Posted by Hyscience at May 26, 2005 7:58 PM

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