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May 2005

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May 31, 2005

On "Why Islam is disrespected"
Oriana Fallaci to Stand Trial for Defamation of Islam
Age Related Macular Degeneration Linked to Smoking (Updated)
Chemical linked to breast cancer
It makes sense - If only to Islamists
From Freedom's Zone To Tyranny's Gate - Conyers Jumps Into The Abyss

May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

May 29, 2005

Insurgents Kill 30 As Iraqis Crack Down
Orianagate/4: Oriana Fallaci tries her trial
In Case You Missed It: Falacci On Trial For "Blasphemy"
Doctor-supervised exercise as effective as insulin in controlling type 2 diabetes
Antibiotic Minocycline May Prevent Blindness in Diabetes
Airliner Missile Defense To Be Tested
Can taking the pill dull a woman's desire forever?
Protein Deficiency Seen in Neurons Born in Adulthood and Those Affected by Diseases such as Alzheimer's
Tidbits on Terrorism
In the Grand Tradition of Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose: NewsWeek Provides Their Own Version Of "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion"

May 28, 2005

PET/CT Can Identify New Cancer Lesions At Early Stage, Allowing For Prompt Treatment
More Muslim Hypocricy On The "Quran Koran In The Super Gitmo Toilet" Story
Update On Akihiko Saito, Japanese Security Guard, Taken Hostage In Iraq By Army Of Ansar al-Sunnah

May 27, 2005

Where's Team America when you need them
Orianagate/3: The Blog Swarm Continues
Natural Enzyme Helps Mice Live Longer in Study
More Muslim Crap Over S0-Called "Koran Abuse": I'm all for everybody buying one and flushing it!
Chemicals may damage male babies
Drugs and Money, Money and Drugs!
More Orianagate: Blogs are swarming in Italy and the U.S.
More Koran Hypocricy: Keep Koran Holy But Dip Crucifix In Urine, And Other Senate And Media Hypocricies
Tiny fluorescent crystals barely visible to the human eye that could revolutionise cancer diagnosis
Give Me A Break - This Koran/Quran Bugaboo Has Gone Far Enough
Further Down The Slippery Slope: Baby-death mothers 'shouldn't face jail'
40,000 Iraqis to Form Shield in Baghdad

May 26, 2005

Animal Activists Get More Militant
Experimental human monoclonal antibody shows striking benefit in patients with advanced melanoma
UK Media in Frenzy Over Marine's Death by MRSA-PVL Infection
Another Perspective: Is Lebanese Religious Culture A Model For The West?
Perspective And Proportionality: On Explosive Dogs, Koran In A Toilet Is Abuse, But The Burning Of A Christian Cross By Muslims Gets A Pass
General dismisses Pantano's charges
More On "Fallaci Charged With Defaming Islam": Now Have Dhimmi-promoting Italian Judge Contact Info
Delayed and light posting today

May 25, 2005

Estimation of radiation-induced cancer from three-dimensional dose distributions: Concept of organ equivalent dose.
Islamic Army in Iraq Attacks Baghdad Airport (video/images)
Inhaled IL-2 Improves Five-Year Survival for Advanced Renal Cancer
On "Fallaci Charged With Defaming Islam"
New U.S. Tactic In Iraq: US fights Iraq fire with street fighters
Scientists observe infectious prion proteins invade and move within brain cells
Is The U.S. Administration Secretly Negotiating With Terrorist's?
U.S. launches new Iraq offensive

May 24, 2005

Syria stops cooperating with US forces and CIA
Drug May Delay Premature Ejaculation
Light and Delayed Blogging Today

May 23, 2005

Humor From An Unexpected Source
Pennsylvania Man Arrested Trying To Sell Explosives To Al Qaeda
Christian Prof Says Tolerance One-Way Street on Campus
Liberals Not Eggheaded Enough?
Nanotechnology Could Lead To New WMDs
Cough Drug May Help Fibromyalgia Pain
On "An American Soldier" - Today's Must Read
The Battle for Mosul: Dispatch II
Obesity Is Risk Factor For Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Supreme Court Will Weigh-in On Parental Notification Issue
Men with spouses do better after prostate treatment
Iraq roundup
Boycott Of Iraqi Government Ends As Sunnis Step Off Political Sidelines
"News-Weak's" Michael Isokoff Digs On: Severed Heads Continue To Be Of No Interest, But The "koran in the toilet" And Other "Serious Abuses" Are Really Important

May 22, 2005

More Hypocracy From the Left
How Antioxidants Work
More Dean Video Follies - Sunday Video Madness
Why Insurgents Seek Victory by Suicide Bomb

May 21, 2005

British National Health service starved of humanity
American MSM Ignores The "Iranian Regime Severs The Heads Of It's Citizens" Story And Instead Works Up A Frenzy Over A "Koran In The Toilet" Story! One Would Save Lives, The Other Costs Lives! (Updated)

May 20, 2005

While On Trail Of Dioxin, Scientists Pinpoint Cancer Target Of Green Tea
Russia threatens force if U.S. militarizes space
Pakistan's foreign minister: Bin Laden 'is alive'

May 19, 2005

Silent Screams
The Ten Commandments for Inter-Religious And Ideological Dialogue: Can They Be Used As A Guide To More Productive Blog Commentary?
Modified Liver Cells Keep Diabetes under Control
Ann Coulter: 'Newsweek dissembled, Muslims Dismembered!'
Walid Phares: "Newsweek's "infidels" trigger prepared Jihad"
Al-Zarqawi Leaders Met in Syria To Plan Bombings
A News Tour That You Don't Want To Miss
Nutrition Gene Key In Regulating Immune System
Cystatin C May Push Creatinine Off Risk Radar
Palestinians Use Bible As Toilet Paper While "News-Weak" And Other MSM Snooze

May 18, 2005

An afternoon check on some interesting blogs
Rumor, Consequence, and Responsibility

May 17, 2005

On "The Way They... Surround a Story, With Complete Silence"
Muslim double standard on religious desecration?
The Other Side of the Story
Islam And The Quran
LA Times Furthers Koran Desecration Story
School Bans Kids From Reading Bibles During Recess
Low-Fat Diet May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse In Post Menopausal Women With Estrogen Receptor Negative Disease
Failed Lung Cancer Drug Could Help Shrink Breast Tumors
The Gorilla In The Living Room: Toilet Flushing And Other Insane Reasons To Commit Murder (updated)
SaveOurState Rally Against Baldwin Park Monument Attacked By Mexican Reconquistas
Excess Body Fat Can Lead to the Onset of Diabetes
The Muslims Do It, Why Not Us Too? Lets Have A Riot!
On "Putting on the Pressure: Kuwaiti Women Get the Vote"
More On News-Weak's Faux Pax "FooPah"

May 16, 2005

Newsweek Foopah Has Legs - Growing (Updated)
Cancer Treatment Success Stuns Scientists
Antibody, cancer drug combo shows promise against breast tumors
Afghan Clerics Don't Trust Newsweek Retraction
Islamic Tantrums, Etc: Newsweek one-line error sparks world-wide riots and violence throughout Muslim world

May 15, 2005

Ansar al-Sunnah Video Attack on Contractors
Zarqawi wounded, 'bleeding heavily'
Scientology And Terri Schiavo - Is There A Connection?
50megs does it again - Hosts terrorist site!

May 14, 2005

The Kidnapping of Nabil al-Wazer (Updated)
Scott Thomas: cognizant and communicative, but does it matter?
Saturday Blogosphere Roundup
Al Qaeda Number Three - Another one bites the dust
Are The Democrats Howling Hypocrites Over Ethics Violations?

May 13, 2005

Brain damaged woman recovers due to not being married to Michael Schiavo
On "The Wisdom of Solomon:" They Fought, They Died, And They Ceased To Be
Vitamin D gaining importance in cancer
Gambian Muslim Leader: Female Genital Mutilation "An Honor"
Job Security Over Border Security - Border Patrol ordered not to arrest illegal aliens in Arizona (Updated)

May 12, 2005

Another Ambulance Visits Tiller's Abortion Clinic in Wichita
U.S. Judge Rejects Neb. Gay-Marriage Ban
Ex-Officers of Islamic Charity Indicted
Role of pentoxifylline and vitamin E in attenuation of radiation-induced fibrosis.
Alzheimer's Progress: Statins and a Vaccine
"Manly" Islamofascists Murder Little Children With Grenades
Why Are The Iraqi Forces Absent From Matador? This As Islamothugs Gun Down Iraq Security Chiefs
About That Little Girl
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the WMD mystery
In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens - Connecticut House Just Says No
Europeans warn Iran not to resume nuclear work
Operation Matador Significant Event Log and Other Matters Iraq
Watson: CAIR's "Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism" Conference
A "Hidden" Biomarker in Prostate Cancer Cells - Researchers Find Way to Shake Loose

May 11, 2005

Newt and Hillary Unite ?
Researchers Uncover Mechanisms Leading to Type I Diabetes
Fact or Fantasy: Al-Zarqawi Reportedly Killed Or Seriously Wounded
On "Thoughts on Terry Schiavo, Michael Ross and Blogging"
U.S.: Syria must do more to secure border

May 10, 2005

Feds to Fund Illegal Alien Medical Costs
Can Radio Waves Treat Cancer? Check Out The Cancer Zapper
Utah Webhost Killing American Soldiers
New Blood Test Could Detect Ovarian Cancer
Marines hammer Iraqi insurgents as insurgents attempt to fight back
Trey Jackson
Catholic website hacked with jihad message
Greyhawk Is On A Roll
Tuna-bot goes to war: ScanEagle UAVs a Success in Iraq
What The Real Numbers Say About Those Congressional Junkets

May 9, 2005

Exercise 'slows prostate cancer'
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Atrial Fibrillation in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Pacemaker Patients
Japanese Hostage Taken By Army of Ansar al-Sunnah
Good news from Iraq, 9 May 2005
Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation therapy for Lung Cancer: a Brief Discussion of Potential Side Effects and Management
Alternative Advances: Brain Food for Autism
US troops kill 75 in Iraq offensive: Time To Reinstitute "Disproportionate and Overwhelming Force!"
Pope vows to defend Catholic church's 'pro-life' doctrine

May 8, 2005

The Future of Family Medicine
Shi'a vs Sunni in Ramadi
Selling death by euthanasia kits
Shincha & First Flush Green Tea
On The Marine Corps' Humanity
On Metabolic Syndrome and it's causes
Hydration and Nutrition: A Basic Human Need, Not an Option of Medical Care
Iraq cabinet deal falters as Sunni rejects post
Is it true that the Gaza Strip's Palestinians live in the world's most crowded place?
A Reasoned Alternative to the Ongoing Name-Calling in America's Public Discourse
Cairo a Breeding Ground for Militants
Upsurge in Iraq bloodshed as US seizes key militants
Pope Vows to Keep Tough Abortion Stance
Two Americans among 22 killed in Iraq bombings
Antioxidants a key to 'long life' ?

May 7, 2005

Inside A "Law Enforced" ILLEGAL ALIEN RALLY
Iraqi leaders must show unity to defeat the death cult
Osama in Afghanistan, not Pakistan

May 6, 2005

Vatican Forging "Right" Ahead On Morals
Palestinians fire rocket at school bus...
More On Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Should Osama Be Worried?
Those Intestinal Bacteria - Are They Making Us Fat?
On "Kingdom of Heaven"
Number One Terrorism Threat To America - It's Pakistanis
Syria Ignoring Requests To Stop Jihadist Infiltrators
Researchers extend mouse lifespan by protecting against free radicals

May 5, 2005

Menopause delay 'a possibility'
On 'Pleasure Marriages': A Sham And A Shame
World Population In Decline And Other Environmental Heresies
British Consulate Targetted In New York" Terror Attack (?)"
May 5 Morning Iraq Roundup
Scientists Find Key Player in Cancer's Spread

May 4, 2005

Alzheimer's Cognitive Decline Slowed In Gene Therapy Patients
OB/GYN Panel Reviewing Alaska Abortion Web Site Agrees To Include Material on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Fetal Pain
Religious Commitment Is Lead Voting Indicator As People Of Faith Abandon Democratic Party In Historic Numbers
More Jihad Watch: New Duranty Times loves Reza Aslan's new book
Jatras: Dhimmitude in Greece. A Christian Wake-up Call?
Today's Iraq Watch Roundup

May 3, 2005

On "Here's your Resistance" - the mindless musings of an Iraqi terrorist
Adult Stem Cells Restore Eyesight
Unexpected lock and key mechanism found for the assembly of tumor blood vessels
Study Shows Natural Glucose Byproduct May Prevent Brain Damage And Cognitive Impairment After Diabetic Coma
House Ethics Probe: Heat's Increasing And The Kitchen Is Getting Bigger
Iraq and Afghanistan Roundup
Remains Found From Apparent Crash In Iraq
'White Devils' recon Khost province
Iraqi Minutemen Kidnapping Women/Children, Forcing Husbands/Fathers to Carry Our Suicide Bombings
Planned Parenthood Flouting Illinois Law for Fun and Profit

May 2, 2005

Poliblog on Judicial Filibusters
Crops, livestock in U.S. vulnerable to terrorists
Brain Scans Helps Scientists "Read" Minds
Neo Nazi William Baker Tells Muslim Crowd at Boca Marriott that 9-11 Hijackers Weren't Muslims
Perspective On Democracy: Arab society will be democracy's crucible
On That Italian Leak And The Anti-U.S. Agenda
The Movie "Kingdom of Heaven" - Basically Osama bin Laden's version of history"
Organizing The 'Theocracy' Witch Hunt In New York: The Left Plots Against Faith
USC researchers determine mechanism of action of motexafin gadolinium (Xcytrin)
Heat, Radiation Combo Strikes Strong Blow Against Tumors

May 1, 2005

Threats by Iran and North Korea Shadow Talks on Nuclear Arms
Prevention Key to Victory in Cancer War