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April 1, 2005

Vatican prepares for pope's end(Updated - Pope Still Alive!)

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Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Pope John Paul II's deputy for Rome who is traditionally charged with breaking the news of a papal death, arrived at the Vatican early on Friday. According to Spirit Daily, the Italian media is already reporting that Pope John Paul has died.

Update: The Vatican is reporting that the Pope has in fact "not dead" but that his health is rapidly worsening and that their is little to no hope for recovery (Fox TV).

Update 2: VATICAN CITY (Reuters) 2:10 p.m. ET - The Vatican denied on Friday reports in some Italian media that Pope John Paul had died.  "It is not true that the Pope is dead and there is no truth that his electro-encephalogram is flat because there is no such machine in the papal apartments," a Vatican official said. The Pope is still alive but very near death.

Update 3: WorldNetDaily - Pope John Paul II has lost consciousness and is suffering a further deterioration of his heart and kidney function, but the Vatican denies reports that he has died.  Italy's Sky Italia satellite television broadcaster quoted Vatican sources saying the pontiff's brain and heart still are functioning.  The Holy See said earlier today his breathing "has become shallow."

Other coverage: Rambings' Journal (beautiful image), Digger's RealmMichelle Malkin, Jawa Report, ThePopeBlog,

Posted by Hyscience at April 1, 2005 1:34 PM

My elaborate post on the Pope is at I originally posted it when CNN and Fox declared him dead, but when they said he had not yet gone, I updated it to show that fact, and will update it again when he finally goes Home to be with Christ.

Posted by: Don Singleton at April 2, 2005 1:27 PM

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