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April 19, 2005

The Real Story on those Iraqi Demonstrations

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Omar at Iraq the Model has a piece on a couple of polls that we Americans should be interested in, and I think it would do well for our friends on the left, and especially the John Kerry and Ted Kennedy crowd, to give it a little more credence than the voice of the "everything is wrong with America" crowd.

"With the time for Iraq to have its elected governemnt approaching, it seems that newspapers and research institutes are paying more attention to one of the important issues that are to be decided by the elected governemnt which is hopefully going to replace the interim governemnt at the beginning of 2006 if everything moves according to the planned schedule."

I think this poll conducted by AL-Sabah newspaper goes well with the other poll by Al-Mindhar that Chrenkoff has reported about.  AlSabah's poll included 1089 samples and the results came as follows:

Do you support the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq?

- Immediately:  13.04% (142 votes)
- According to a time table: 80.81% (880 votes)
- Don't know: 6.25 (67 votes)

And about all of those anti-American demonstrators the American MSM showed on TV and wrote about? Chrenkoff's translator, Haider, says this about them:

"Most of us read, heard and saw the medias report of the April 9th demonstrations in Baghdad. Most of the U.S. media portrayed it as a massive anti American demonstration in the streets of Iraq. I noticed, however, from Iraqi Arabic newspapers that most the demonstrations were against terrorism & calling for Saddam’s trial & hanging (all these signs were in Arabic). I called my father in Baghdad to confirm this and he confirmed it. My father then confirmed that Al Sadr had asked his followers to demonstrate for the withdrawal of foreign troops, he also said that this group was very small and almost insignificant compared to the rest who were calling for Saddam’s trial & hanging and those against terrorism. My father said the Iraqi media reported the number like this 'about 200,000 demonstrators of which 8,000-10,000 were Al-Sadr & Sunni supporters' (strange bed fellows). He also said that when he listened to the Iraqi elected officials (on live T.V.) in the assembly, that every one (every one including those Sunnis initially opposed to the elections), every man and woman assembly member, reiterated the importance of foreign and specifically U.S. troops staying in Iraq till Iraq is ready to take over its own security.

Alas, more fuel for South Park Conservatives!

Posted by Hyscience at April 19, 2005 9:45 AM

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