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April 1, 2005

Terri Schiavo Is Dred Scott

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Some civil rights folks might disagree with the premise of this article, but the analogy is reasonable and in my mind, right on target. The judiciary have been wrong before, many times, and in the case of Terri Schiavo, they failed our nation miserably.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, "A free negro of the African race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves, is not a "citizen" within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States." That was it for Dred Scott. Dred Scott died as a slave. The Legislatures made some states and territories "free" of slavery. But, judges ruled that some persons, based on race, are denied citizenship and individual rights.

A Pinellas County Florida Judge "ordered and adjudged that the Guardian, Michael Schiavo, shall cause the removal of the nutrition and hydration tube from the Ward, Theresa Marie Schiavo." That was it for Terri Schiavo. Terri starved to death. The  Florida and U.S. Constitutions enumerate the God-given right to life for individual citizens. But, judges, ruled that some persons, based on disability, are denied due process and, moreover, the fundamental right of life.

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Posted by Hyscience at April 1, 2005 2:15 AM

the bright light in this sad time

We watched the crucifixion of a family this week. I defy anyone to think of Mrs. Schindler and not well up with tears for that poor dear woman, and a mother of sorrows.

Our countries judicial system let a bad husband destroy a woman who was the very essence of innocence...and people of good will, all KNOW the outrage of it. It was an evil thing. But there is a bright light in all of this: That precious, precious family, the Schindlers. God let us get to know and fall in love with the Schindler family and I feel privileged and blessed..

This morning, Terri's Schindler Schiavos brother and sister gave a press conference. I listened to the things they said and remembered the past weeks where they spoke out and how we all watched them suffer, I couldn't help but be amazed.

I was amazed that we live in a world with such good, brave, dear and noble people in it, in the face of such evil that they stood. And they shined all the brighter the darker the situation got, they were like stars in the night. The crueler the opposition got, the kinder and meeker they became.

They are truly good. They were everything truly Catholic, and American. If Terri was the essence of innocence, her family is the very essence decency.

Because of them, I realized that America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. These people were BRAVE. They never gave up, they never got ugly or hateful, and they let love rule their actions, even when it was hopeless. Such people are the stuff that Saints are made of.

And Terri...she WAS the essence of innocence...

I wept tonight because there are people in our country who would use THEIR freedom to destroy that very essence of innocence...or try to, because we all know that Terri flew into the heart of God and is safe there now.

Now... No one will ever neglect her again, refer to her as a houseplant or a thing again, hurt her, break her heart, her bones, or make her sit in a dark room alone for days at a time again. She longed for her mother. All she ever wanted in her childlike state was to go home to her mother, and the law would not allow it. But now she sits in the bosom of the very Mother of from those who would destroy her.

And oh...the Schindlers: noble to the very end! Did everyone hear Bobby at the end??? Asking forgiveness from the opposition if he and his family acted in anyway contrary to the example of Christ....and offered forgiveness to them!!!!

Can you see? Yes...Terri Schiavo and her light of innocence shined and revealed the cockroaches of death on our country, but her family... THEY lit the way on how to act in the face of evil. I don't know what the future holds. It may be terrible....but may not be. God is still in control... But I can tell you all one thing....if things do get very evil, and they may, God gave us an example in the Schindler family on how not to let evil get us down...and we would do well to remember the Schindler family, and remember the good and graceful and noble way they faced this evil. They were Gods example to us.

God bless the Schindler family. And God bless the new Saint in heaven: Terri. May she pray for us still in this veil of tears.

Posted by: molli mi at April 1, 2005 2:56 AM

Cowards and Heroes

Who's who? I am so depressed and sad today. I did not think the story of a woman in Florida would affect me the way it did, as so many others across the country are coming to the same conclusions. There are a couple of things that come to mind as I look back over the events. I will only comment a small amount on the facts of the case, as they have been hashed out in every corner of this nation. And I do mean every corner. I doubt there was a home or work place in the country that didn't have a variety of opinions and thoughts expressed about the issue, within its walls. In public, in private and throughout the reaches of the world, America and her justice was in question.

Legally, all people involved on the side of Michael are out of line with the law and the intention of the law, and indeed, some on the side of Terri, were also derelict in their duties and responsibilities. Each and everyone of them, assured that they were acting legally and within the intentions of our constitution and the goals of this great country as expressed in the papers, discussions, and documents of its Founding Fathers. Each and every one of them, as far as I can tell, were wrong. Judge Greer had the obligation to review Michaels guardianship role regularly throughout the process, and by law, failed to meet those responsibilities. Michael had the responsibility to file guardianship papers that he failed to file and was also required, by the intent of the jury award, to spend the 700,000 dollars left after he got his 300,000 and paid the lawyer off, on the care of his wife. The intention and consideration for the award was violated and should have been challenged.

He instead violated the intention of the jury by spending half or more of that remaining 700,000 dollars not on the care of his wife, but on attempts to end her life. An act that by most accounts appears to be a continuation of his intent that night back in February of 1990. An act most probable, in the light of recent information that he, - did cause Terri discomfort whenever present, had a girlfriend (who later was stalked and run off the road and had a deadly fear of him), was trying to get 20 million dollars to care for her for the rest of his life, has shown a desire to keep control rather than let the loving parents who raised her take over, got another girlfriend and started having kids, is suspected of trying to take her life later with insulin injections, had arguments with her earlier in the evening on the night of the accident over her spending too much money at the hair dresser, (verified by a call to her friend earlier in the evening), was on the verge of having Terri leave him, and only remembered their special conversation after he lost the law suit, and five or six years after the fact. Never mentioned it before while he was asking to be her caretaker for life for 20 mil. If there wasn't a legal conflict of interest here, there never was anywhere, and all law in the country should have been on the side of a conflict of interest, and in fact is. If enforced.

At any rate, there was reason to end his guardianship and he violated the law by the way the money was spent. The court violated the law by the lack of proper procedure and maintenance of the guardianship status. He broke the Law. Judge Greer broke the law. Adult services broke the law. They are charged to step in where guardianship of a person is being abused or misused. They need no judge, nor can any judge negate the law. Jeb Bush violated the law, He is charged with maintaining the civil rights of the citizens there, and has the authority to use all law enforcement as seen fit to enforce that. He had laws violated, justice ignored, civil rights violated, agencies failures, and an obligation to uphold the law. You do not go to the person who is violating the law or the intent of the law (the law's intent IS to protect in these cases) and ask them permission to stop them.

"excuse me mister killer man----- Do you mind if I bring in some big guys and take away your knife?........Oh..... Ok then...... I will go away and leave you alone..... Bye....... Remember to vote for me. ...... love ya, Jeb. ..........Praise be the Lord, did you see me try and stop that killer? ............."

That's the Jeb Bush I saw. He violated the law and his oath of office. And ultimately, George Bush violated the same laws and oath on a national level. Legally, by the intent of the laws (again - main intent..... to protect), all are guilty.

As I said at the start, the facts of the case are all out there for all to see who do not take the media version without understanding their agenda. From bloggers to news sites on the internet and across the country in forums, are the videos, the doctors reports, the statements from and by people close to the matter. So lets move on the the greater cause for my sadness today.

It is death. Coming to terms with death. Major important deaths. The death of a woman ordered to die for not being able to feed herself or able to tell anyone what she felt. Forget your arguments about her not feeling anything. It is not possible. First of all, I can show you hundreds of documentations that she could indeed feel a great deal. But for the sake of argument, lets just ignore that. A person has a soul. The soul is the core and center of feeling of the person. The body is nothing more than a physical host of that soul. No matter what the body can feel or not, the soul IS the man or woman. The soul is the person. It is the center of ones actions. Just like the brain being the control center of the body and the body doesn't function without the brain, the brain does not function without a soul. So if the body is damaged and can not respond to the brain, or the brain is damaged and can not signal the body, it in no way what so ever is the death of the person. The parting of the soul is the death. She was very much alive physically, and very much alive when it came to physical feeling and ability to hear, see to a degree, vocalize, swallow, and much more. That she could not do much at will, was not a reason to deny her the right to exist in that physical state, while the soul existed in a state unknown to all but her.

It was the death of a woman. Undeservedly sentenced to die by means that all say is merciful but would not get one vote if that peaceful, merciful, execution was to try and be applied to a convicted killer. In that we see a death of justice. So we have two deaths today. With the death of of these things we also see the death of decency, moral value, integrity, and common sense.
Quite a few deaths for one day. But it doesn't end. I put my faith in all those things, and I also put my faith in the leaders of this country. I did not see a hero in George Bush. Nor in Jeb Bush. Nor in the congress or senate, with the exception of a few individuals. Government was in as much favor of her death as the other side. What good would a live person be in a future fight for legislation for changes in a few areas? It takes a dead person to be a martyr for a cause and the possible advantages of a martyr far outweigh the loss of one person. Why else the silly attempt to look as if there was real concern. On the day Bush signed the last legislation, they could have written any law they wanted to. It was a guaranteed pass. They chose to do something for show, but with no teeth. A farce. So it was also the death of of my faith in who I help elect and supported. Not that I could change that decision, for the alternative would have been even more disastrous, but I had faith in a figure of strength and courage, that ran for political cover. A president or governor ordering troops to remove her would have been political suicide and destroyed many other things in the works. A job only for a hero.

But even though my vote last November would have to be the same, there was a death of faith on my part. I saw no leaders in our leadership, but instead found it in parents, Christians, common people. I saw plenty of cowards. From those who stood on their hills proclaiming compassion and understanding while not using the full force of power at their hand, to those who worked feverishly for the execution, to those hollywood scum that are the first to speak out on anything as small as a pile of naked prisoners to a couple of same sex freaks wanting to be married, but stood by silently through this out of cowardice. I saw it in Christians themselves in forums and across the country.

All cowards hiding behind the most transparent cover. Oh... don't bother telling me they spoke out for their sides. I am talking about those who got up and said, I think the government should stay out of family business or the federal government should stay out of state business. Well unless of course, it comes to education, abortion, regulation, or to making sure you don't spank your kids or tell little johnnie, kissing tommie is wrong. But here they took the safe side of the issue and decide to keep government out of our lives. How convenient !! Where were The Clinton's? George Sr.? Michael Moore? Where the hell was everyone hiding? There was no winning side to choose, and God forbid you just said what was "right" and suffer the fate of "truth" if it didn't fall on the PC side in the end. They didn't know which way it would fall and are still waiting to see what the fallout is, before they jump up and say "well, I would have done this" "or I thought they should have done that". The final polls aren't in yet so how could they decide what they believe in before the polls are in? How convenient to have such a nice little shelter.

So, I have the death of many things going on here tonight, and it is no wonder I feel sad. Death is sad. And in the course of witnessing these deaths, (also well witnessed by the world watching us, - and will not be used to our advantage, I can assure you) I come to terms again with the reality of a war. For this country is indeed in a state of war. And in that war it is pretty easy for me to see who are the;

Cowards and Heroes.


Posted by: freewolf46 at April 1, 2005 4:58 AM

The truth will soon prevail as Terri speak out as clear as ever during her autopsie. May the Parents feel the love the the entire world has for them as they are truly wonderful and did the best that they could considered the circumstances. As they are held in the palm of Gods hands they will be strong enough to continue living with her memory. She is at peace now with no one fighting against her for thier own selfish reasons. She is a saint that will always be remembered as a fighter and a strong willed young woman. God knew best. May we remain in prayer for the family as they continue each day. God bless us all. Please have a health surrogate know your decisions and complete a living will. Thank You!

Posted by: Antoinette in Tampa Bay at April 1, 2005 6:36 AM

Dear Mr. Bush: Claudia Iyr R.N. cared for Terri 18 months and signed an affidavit that she was speaking words and swallowing liquids by mouth. She said that when she went to court to testify Judge Greer treated her with contempt and she also said during the proceedings Greer said to Felos on a personal note "What do you want to do this weekend"?. While not illegal, this is innappropriate behavior and to me signals we shouldl take a closer look at him. Right now in the media, the GOP is being blamed for 'stepping in' and the GOP is at risk of losing popularity. Please conduct an investigation into Judge Greer. So, far over 33,000 people have signed a petition to have Judge Greer impeached. The petition can be viewed at:

Posted by: Dr. Anna Nordin at April 1, 2005 9:48 AM

Its very interesting when an enemy has lost the war but they keep coming back as if they won. 75% of this nation thinks it was very wrong for mr. bush to interfear in a private matter. That is a devistating defeat for the christian right. So what does the christian right do after loosing? They demand the winners to sign the surrender document.

Dread scott. This is not. There are no parallels with the case of a slave and someone who is brain dead.Dread Scott is living. Terri was brain dead nuff said.

Its always fun to watch the christian reconstructionist try to re-write history in their image.

Thank you and..............Good Day.

Posted by: Magnum Serpentine at April 1, 2005 9:49 PM

Ah, the slithering snake has been busy wending his way around the blogs, leaving his venom as he snakes around.

I disagree with your comment. No surprizes there.

The issue surrounding Terri is not right to live but the issue of guardianship abuse and reigning in the power of the judiciary.

There are circumstances where further treatment to keep a person is futile then yes the case must be discussed with an ethics commmittee. At the same time the doctors need to pay attention and listen to their patients.

Posted by: Maggie4life at April 3, 2005 6:11 AM

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