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April 19, 2005

New Pope Elected (Updated - It's Pope Benedict XVI)

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(Update)   "My dearest brothers and sisters," said Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez from a balcony. "I announce to you a great joy. We have a pope!"

Ratzinger, 78, has been the Vatican's chief overseer of doctrine since 1981. NOW POPE BENEDICT XVI

- Reuters via Wired News
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A new pope was elected by Roman Catholic cardinals on Tuesday to succeed John Paul II. The election of the 265th pontiff on only the second day of a conclave in the Vatican's frescoed Sistine Chapel was signaled by white smoke from the chapel chimney and the tolling of the bells of St. Peter's Basilica.

But there were many minutes of confusion over the color of the smoke, which initially seemed gray, before the bells began tolling to signal the successful election.

Even Vatican Radio had initially said the color of the smoke was unclear. Black smoke indicates an inconclusive vote.

Tens of thousands of people in the square cheered when the vote was confirmed.

It was only the third time in a century that a pope had been chosen on the second day of a conclave. The name of the new leader of 1.1 billion Roman Catholics was to be announced shortly.

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Posted by Hyscience at April 19, 2005 12:47 PM

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