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April 4, 2005


Topics: International News

American Bloggers, time to turn up the heat and make sure this reaches every far corner of the blogosphere.

Michelle Malkin says that this is one of the biggest stories on the 'Net and of vital interest to bloggers and whistleblowers on both sides of the border. She advises all to stay informed. Imagine being susceptable to ending up in court for contempt just for linking or even passing out the address to Captain's Quarters! There's more wrong in Canada than just a corruption scandal.

Captain Ed, always ahead of the curve, is all over an explosive corruption scandal in Canada, where citizens are hungering for news because of a government publication ban related to the story. Go visit and keep scrolling down.

Here's the CBC's story on how American weblogs scooped our neighbors to the north. Globe and Mail article here. Captain Ed notes that a Canadian site that simply linked to his blog may be under threat of legal action. Unbelievable.

See also Joe Katzman at Winds of Change, Small Dead Animals (keep scrolling), Stephen Taylor and Greg Staples for background.

Bound for Gravity has a top-notch link round-up. (Update: He's taken his posts down out of fear of government retribution.)  Wizbang's on it, too.

Reader John M. says there will be a live webcast here on CPAC (Canada's version of C-SPAN) related to the scandal.

Update: Tim Worstall's analysis of the thorny legal questions this case raises is must-read for every blogger. Here's the nub:

Here's a taste of the story from the London Free Press:

A U.S. website has breached the publication ban protecting a Montreal ad executive's explosive and damning testimony at the federal sponsorship inquiry. The U.S. blogger riled the Gomery commission during the weekend by posting extracts of testimony given in secret Thursday by Jean Brault.

The American blog, being promoted by an all-news Canadian website, boasts "Canada's Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open" and promises more to come. The owner of the Canadian website refused to comment yesterday.

Inquiry official Francois Perreault voiced shock at the publication ban breach, and said the commission co-counsel Bernard Roy and Justice John Gomery will decide today whether to charge the Canadian website owner with contempt of court.

Michelle asks:

Are we liable for what we write where we write it? Or where people read it?

At the moment we are liable where people read it and it might just be that the US courts won't like the long term implications of that and will refuse to implement it.

I'm not sure if Captain Ed is going to like the medium term implications of that, but he might find himself at the centre of the first Supreme Court case involving blogging.

Update II: More from Colby Cosh on the blogger-related consequences of Canada's publication ban on Jean Brault's testimony published by Captain Ed:

Much Much More at Michelle Malkin's blog ...

Posted by Hyscience at April 4, 2005 10:44 PM

Keep blogging - it's the only way we Canadians can get censored information. Tens of thousands of us read the U.S. blogs every day for information on both governments. The only difference between us is a line on the map. Thank God for the internet.

Posted by: Mary Jackson at April 5, 2005 9:51 PM

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