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April 14, 2005

Japan looks warily at Chinese anger boiling across the sea

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Japanese and Chinese relations, never really warm in the past following Japan's actions in World War II, have been significantly strained since the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform (Tsukurukai) filed a middle school history textbook for official approval by the Ministry of Education. The textbook is said to treat Japanese military actions during the World War II with "a fresh coat of whitewash to some of the country's darker moments." The textbook reasserts the wartime militarist ideology that Japan's invasions of the Korean Peninsula, China and Southeast Asia were justified acts of self-defence that assisted Asia's liberation from European and American domination.

- Khaleej Times Online (UAE)
TOKYO - As Chinese streets erupt in anger at Japan, ordinary people in Tokyo are watching the rise of China warily, even if many of them understand lingering resentment over the past.

Beijing's biggest demonstrations in years used Internet bulletin boards to bring thousands to the Haidian district, whose hi-tech industry is part of the pride of the growing China. In Tokyo's IT quarter, Akihabara, there is little sign of public agitation against China, with many shops promoting their wares in Chinese for tourists. But that does not mean there are no worries.

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