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April 22, 2005

Islamic Army in Iraq Video Shows Downed Helicopter, American Survivor Murdered Over Kevin Sites Video (images)

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And just what are we hearing from the liberals and the MSM about PRISONER ABUSE by our enemies? NOT A DAMNED THING!

More on the downing of a civilian helicopter in Iraq that I wrote of in two previous posts here and here. In my previous post I asked, "to extend one's hand to someone in need, and then to kill them, and then celebrate with glee, film it, and be proud of it - what kind of human beings do these kinds of things?" The answer was - Islamists. I said that these are the people that we are fighting in Iraq so that we don't have to fight them in the streets of your town or mine. Here is more on the brutality of these people and the result of the liberal MSM and the liberal left's support of America's enemies.

- Jawa Report
The Islamic Army in Iraq has released a videotape in which they claim responsibility for the downing of a civilian helicopter in Iraq in which 11 were killed, including 6 Americans. The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. The video may be downloaded here [see April 22nd]. Extremely graphic images from the video are posted below.

The video shows the downed helicopter, which is the first civilian aircraft shot down in Iraq. In the past, the Islamic Army in Iraq has claimed to shoot down aircraft, but these were always unmanned military drones.

Of the eleven on board, one man survived, but was severely wounded. The wounded man had apparently crawled away and was hiding in tall grass some distance from the crash. The helicopter can be seeen burning in the distant background.

Unaware of who has found him, the American says to them, "give me a hand.  Give me a hand.  It's broken..."

The terrorists help him up and then ask him, "CIA? CIA?" then order him to "Go! Go!" The man is able to walk. They then shoot him as he holds his hand up. He is murdered in cold blood as the terrorists yell "Allahu akhbar!" shooting him over and over.

The terrorists murder the man on the video. In a statement released with the video, the Islamic Army in Iraq says they killed the man in retaliation for the "cold blood in the mosques of tireless Fallujah before the eyes of the world and on television screens, without anyone condemning them."

This is a reference to the video released by American journalist Kevin Sites showing a Marine killing a wounded Iraqi insurgent who was playing dead inside a mosque in Fallujah. The Marine was later cleared of all wrong doing. His unit had encountered this type of feigning before with tragic results.

When that video was released, The Jawa Report claimed that Sites' actions in releasing the video would directly lead to more deaths and destruction in Iraq/


"The Islamic Army statement said it killed the survivor "in revenge for the Muslims who have been killed in cold blood in the mosques of tireless Fallujah before the eyes of the world and on television screens, without anyone condemning them." It was apparently referring to the Nov. 13 shooting by an American soldier of a wounded Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque during a U.S. offensive in the city."

More with images at Jawa Report ....

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Posted by Hyscience at April 22, 2005 10:29 AM

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