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April 6, 2005

FoxNews: Saudi Forces Kill Most Wanted Militant - AGAIN

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Well, you've got to give those Saudi's credit when it comes to killing terrorists. According to TODAY(April 6, 2005):

(...)  "Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Mohammed Yazji  was killed in a shootout with police in an industrial area of Riyadh, the Interior Ministry said. Yazji is No. 25 on the country's list of 26 most wanted terrorists. With his death, the government has killed or arrested 24 of those on the most wanted list published in Dec. 2003."

Good job! But according to the Muslim American Society(June 2, 2004):

(...)  Gunmen attacked U.S. military personnel in the capital Riyadh on Wednesday, slightly injuring the driver, while police killed two militants in an unrelated incident in the kingdom's west. A security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, identified one of the dead as Abdul Rahman Mohammed Yazji, No. 25 on a list of Saudi Arabia's 26 most-wanted militants.

Confused? Don't be, because our brave manly terrorist actually got away - disquised as a woman.

- TODAY(April 6, 2005):

(...)  Al-Yazji was said to have been killed in June 2004 when, disguised as a woman, he reportedly took part in a shootout with police in al-Hada, close to the western Saudi town of Taif. Later, however, Saudi newspapers, which are state controlled, reported he was still at large.

So our buddies the Saudis and their state controlled media reported that he was killed, but he wasn't killed, but now he's killed. I got it! But I can't help but wonder just how dead this guy really is this time. You can't help but wonder especially when there's more double speak like the following(FoxNews reporting today):

(...)  The Interior Ministry statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency said another militant was wounded in the raid and captured. He was not identified. Earlier Wednesday, a security official said two other militants and a member of the security forces were killed, but this was not mentioned in the ministry statement.

What did he just say?

Read more at FoxNews for more entertainment.

Posted by Hyscience at April 6, 2005 5:21 PM

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