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April 22, 2005

Civilian Chopper Crashes in Iraq; 11 Killed, including 6 Blackwater Security Personnel (PART II)

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Yesterday I posted that eleven people, including six Americans, were killed in a helicopter crash near Baghdad on Thursday, that hostile fire was suspected, and that an investigation was under way. The story was widely covered in the MSM and in the blogosphere, but I believe that the story is worth another visit. The helicopter was carrying American, Fijian, and Bulgarian civilian security workers who were protecting U.S. diplomats in the area. The downing of the civilian chopper killed six Americans, all Blackwater personnel, and that matters to me. Yet the animals that "missled-down" the chopper went further, they helped a survivor out of the burning wreckege, reportedly a Bulgarian, helped him to his feet, and then murdered him - with glee! In another Hyscience post yesterday, I wrote that the story on the hatred being preached in mosques should serve as one of the many "Wake up" calls for the West; Islam, as practiced in many nations of the Middle East, and elsewhere, is not our friend and it doesn't want peace. These two posts are related by the mindless hatred they demonstrate, the lack of human kindness and compassion found in most religions - but not in the mind or heart of the Islamist.

To extend one's hand to someone in need, and then to kill them, and then celebrate with glee, film it, and be proud of it - what kind of human beings do these kinds of things? Islamists. These are the people that we are fighting in Iraq so that we don't have to fight them in the streets of your town or mine. From their mosques come statements like these:

(...) They are our enemies, especially the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They do not understand [the language of] reason, they do not follow international law, nor do they follow moral and humane laws. They have no religion and they do not accept God. They are a bunch of profane people, but seemingly, some are called Christians and some are called Jews.

(...) Allah be praised, every passing day the peoples' hatred festers, especially among the youth in Islamic countries.

(...) Death to America ...   Death to America

To look more on blind hate and all lack of human compassion, we have from Michelle Malkin yesterday:

"The Islamic Army in Iraq has claimed responsibility and posted video it claims is of the wreckage. Shocking footage of the terrorists shows them discovering a survivor of the crash (whom analysts say is one of the Bulgarians); helping him to his feet; and then shooting and murdering him.

  You can find a link to the unedited, uncensored video at the bottom of In the Bullpen's post. It's graphic and horrifying and none of the MSM networks that endlessly broadcast video and photos of Abu Ghraib will dare to show the execution on TV.  

Cori Dauber of RantingProfs discusses the dilemma of how much to show (a dilemma the MSM never seem to have when the video or photos make America and its military look bad) and praises NBC for the way it used the footage--making it clear, unlike the other networks, that the film came from terrorists and not a media source, but stopping short of showing the actual killing.

No word yet on whether any AP photographers were tipped off to the cold-blooded execution by the Iraqi "insurgents/militants." Could be another Pulitzer Prize in the making." 

Then, just so we don't forget that many of our American liberals are not only in the Islamic camp against everything that is America, they also share the sick Islamic mindset, heres more from Michelle on their view:

Meanwhile, LGF notes that some unhinged liberals--in the same sick spirit of Howard Dean campaign consultant Markos Moulitsos Zuniga--are gloating over the murders. Here's a sample(note their word usage - complete with profane explecatives):

THESE F[**]KERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. I have a hard time feeling sorry for their families. I have known a few of these wives and if they are in the marriage they are so high on Prozac and Xanax they will barely know he's gone...If one of their mommas is crying I'm somewhat sorry but I really want to ask that woman why she never got any help for her son, who was obviously a potential serial killer! I lay some of what that man became on her and his father's doorstep. I have almost no tears for these people.  I can barely squeeze one out.

Great language and mindset for any adult much less a parent. But this is the mindset of the left and of the Islamists. They are the same enemy of reason, compassion, and faith. They are why we are fighting the War on Terror. They are both of the same secular, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, mindset that finds fault with what everything that has to do with what some might call "traditional" values. I'd call such values the only basis from which all of us can continue to live together on this planet, and the glue that holds humanity together and in the hands of God.

Other coverage - The Toma Report and Clarity and Resolve
Both "The Toma Report" and "Clarity and Resolve" were as amazed as I was on the reaction from the liberal left.

"The angry and mean-spirited malcontents who hang out at the web log of Markos "Screw Them" Zuniga are again showing that emblematic leftist compassion. They've launched a salvo of base diminution of the value of life--the life of our fellow Americans--by spitting on the corpses of the Blackwater security personnel who were killed today when the mujahideen got lucky with a SAM and shot down their helicopter. These lovely people, who take full advantage of the anonymity of the internet, derisively refer to private security members as "mercs," and all but gloat over their deaths. (salute to Charles at LGF)"

From Clarity and Resolve!

Posted by Hyscience at April 22, 2005 8:53 AM

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