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April 4, 2005

Chrenkoff: Muslims say good-bye to the Pope

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From Chrenkoff, we learn that the Iraqi National Assembly has interrupted its deliberations to elect a speaker to observe a moment of silence in memory of John Paul II. To the west of Iraq, Israelis, whose state he finally recognized, and Palestinians, whose state he called for, have united in paying homage to the Pope. After all, it only seems appropriate considering John Paul's efforts to reconcile the world's great religions.

And perhaps the biggest surprise is that even Al Jazeera has been running an extensive coverage of the story, prompting the
Islamofascist equivalents of Democratic Underground to foam at the mouth.

Also, some nice words from Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism>:

"The Free Muslims Against Terrorism offer our condolences to members of the Roman Catholic Church on the death of Pope John Paul II.

"Pope John Paul II was unique among the world's religious leaders. Not only was he an advocate for justice and human rights but his message of interfaith reconciliation went beyond the lip service that many of the world religious leaders offer.

Chrenkoff comments that in regard to  the "Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism," we should check out their website, and join the march against terror. As Daniel Pipes writes, "Did the Council on American-Islamic Relations ever organize a march against terrorism? Never."

More at Chrenkoff ...

Posted by Hyscience at April 4, 2005 3:25 PM

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