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March 24, 2005

Video: Randall Terry "Judge Greer is Corrupt"

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Terri Schiavos parents spokeperson Randall Terry appeared on Scarborough Country and left nothing unsaid. Although I don't agree with Randall's tactics, he does do a good job of stirring the pot and getting the information out to the public ear. Jackson's Junction has the video of Joe Scarborough's interview with him in which he has a lot to say about Judge George "kill Terri at all costs" Greer.

We report - you decide for yourself

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Posted by Hyscience at March 24, 2005 12:20 AM

Whatever your view on Terri Schiavo's condition, right to live, or the merits of the case this attack by Randall Terry is unconsionable and un-Christian. While I personally believe in Terri's right to live, the personal attacks on Michael and ESPECIALLY Judge Greer by the Schindlers represent the heigth of uncontained, thoughtless wrath.

Judge Greer is by all accounts one of the more thoughtful, conservative, and compassionate judges on the bench today. To my knowledge of the case I deem it to be wrong, but to personally attack a man as thorough, morally upstanding, and reasoned as Greer is the basest of all human emotions.

We should all be ashamed that in trying to assert our rights to life we have villified these people and hurt them because they hold different beliefs. They are acting in consience, not of malace, and to wish for their destruction is to defy the very God who gave us all life. We should all be mollified that our supposed spokesman is a person as vile, shameless, and hurtful as Randall Terry.

If these are the lengths to which the Schindler's are willing to go, I can appreciate their pain, but they are quite un-Christian in their actions and deeds.

Posted by: MR at March 24, 2005 12:51 AM

I am an Australian citizen, and as such I have been looking at this case on a more dispassionate level. MR it is obvious that you have not done your homework on George Greer. My own investigations have led me into some very interesting and explosing material concerning this man.

There is a problem in this case because the man who is making all of the decisions is determined that a woman who cannot speak for herself must die. He has made a decision that is without a doubt an extremely bad one. He has no right to put to death a severely disabled woman.

This case is about judicially approved euthanasia. It goes well beyond what is acceptable and that includes what is acceptable in Europe where euthanasia is practiced on a different level.

Here we have a woman who is cognizant but who cannot speak for herself. Her husband wants her dead and to get his way he has committed perjury by claiming that Theresa made a statement that she would not want to live with a tube. His story is so inconsistent that he cannot seem to get it straight when she actually made the statement. So good ol George Felos covers Michael's mistakes by saying that she said it at various times. This is in complete contradiction to the evidence presented by her real best friend, not Joan Schiavo as claimed by George Felos.

We have a situation where nurses are coming forward about the abuse that has been dished out to this woman. George Greer has allowed this abuse to continue and he is the one who has refused to remove this man as the guardian of his wife.

There is other evidence that points to George Greer being corrupt. There is a real problem in Pinellas County where guardianships are concerned. The problems are very bad. There is a high rate of failure to file returns. In fact this is something that is mandated by law and in this particular case of guardianship, there has been a failure to file those returns.

If George Greer was the honest judge that you claim then he would have removed Michael Schiavo as guardian and given that role to the parents. Instead of making such a decision, he has refused to even allow this Catholic woman to receive the Eucharist either by the tiniest piece of the host or from a drop of wine.

So please do not give us the story about how this man is so honest and upright or I will have to go and puke.

Posted by: Maggie4life at March 24, 2005 1:56 AM

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