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March 20, 2005

Terri Groggy and Unresponsive: High fever last night likely due to infection caused by improper removal of the feeding tube

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

According to a trusted source, Terri developed a high fever last night, most likely due to infection caused by improper removal of the feeding tube... she is groggy and unresponsive, and may not make it much longer.


Please if you have a fax machine take a moment and contact by fax the offices of Congressman Robert Wexler: 19th District of Florida - FAX 202 225-5974
Email here

and Earl Blumenauer - FAX 202 225-8941, Email here

Their voice mails are already full! These two are going to oppose the legislation today that will save Terri Schiavo. Please stress the following: (copy and paste if needed or write your own message)

This is NOT about interfering in states' rights. It is the job of the Federal Government to ensure that State Law is followed and that Terri Schiavo and others like her receive their right of due process, which to this point, has been denied. The federal amendment will ensure that Terri and other disabled people like her will receive a review of the procedures followed by state courts - a right everyone is entitled to, especially in matters of life and death.

Please stand up for the life of those who are unable to speak for themselves and pass the Incapacitated Persons' Legal Protection Act without delay. To allow Terri to die based on the hearsay testimony of a husband who has abandoned her, a lawyer who is a euthanasia advocate - and a judge who has allowed both state and federal law to be broken would be a gross travesty of justice. Judicial tyranny in this country must end!!

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Posted by Hyscience at March 20, 2005 2:16 PM

1. The Congress must enforce its subpoena and move to protect Terri right now until the hearings are held. That means US Marshals with medical teams need to place Terri under their care IMMEDIATELY. We should be flooding Congress and esp. Sen. Enzi with this demand.

2. Jeb Bush MUST invoke the "Emergency Protective Services Intervention" section of Florida statutes Chapter 415.1051(2). Note the term "Emergency".

Posted by: Bryan at March 20, 2005 2:28 PM

How would each of you feel if you were in Teri's situation and the Federal Government interfered with your Right to Die? I thought Republicans were supposed to believe in small government yet the government has interfered more in our lives in the last four years than any time in my memory.

What gives the Government the right to deny this poor woman from entering Heaven for a life she can enjoy?

Posted by: BettyLM at March 20, 2005 4:07 PM

Because it is this poor woman's estranged husband who wants her to die...not Terri.
He has wanted her dead since Feb 25, 1990..and every one of his decisons regarding her treatment has been consistent with the determination to lead her to death and into harm's way.
Because there is a Bone Scan from 1991 that shows 13 fractures which have never been explained.
Because an estranged husband with a second family is no longer Terri's partner nor her significant other..and should not be Guardian.
Because Terri wanted to divorce him and made statements to co workers and family alike about it...yet he makes her survival decisions.
Because the very day before Terri's collapse, Michael and Terri had a vicious fight. A worried friend offered to spend the night with Terri but she declined. The next morning she was unconscious.
Because Michael Never called 911 nor administered CPR on his own. He called Mr Schindler to announce "Terri's dead". Bobbi Schindler began CPR
Because he has the psychological profile of an abuser.
Because he began dating less than 1 year after Terris collapse. And was in an intimate relationship during the malpractice trials .
Because in sworn staements his girlfriend at the time says Michael told her he had no idea what Terri wanted.
Beacuse 3 months after the Malpractice award, Michael ended all therapy and medical treatmentin 1993
Because Michael has never taken the advice of rehab doctors who gave positive progress reports about Terri in 1992, but rather clings to the 2 (only 2) negative evaluations of her.
Because Terri has never had her own counsel, never has been in the court room and because the judge who has condemned her to death as 'life unworthy of life' has never met her.
Because the attorney who claims to care so much about Terri's rights and 'dignity" refers to her frequently as a "Houseplant" in public.
Because the guardian who is so concerned about being loyalty to Terri's wishes frequently refers to her in public as a "vegetable" (Niggar, bitch, kyke, it?)This is abusive.
Because once you learn the "FULL" truth and all the facts you wonder why Mr Felos and Schiavo mis state facts every time they are on TV
Because our Constitution guarantees every citizen the RIGHT TO LIFE even if they are imperfectly made and as such Terri should have the right to counsel and due process. Because htough Michael has had 12 years in the courts he has never provided uncontested evidence of his assessment of Terri.
Because no one should die based on hearsay information .
Because we do not have an unalienable right to die.
Because allowing guardians to put words into nonverbal disabled persons mouths' when they can learn how to speak for themselves is immoral.
Because denying a person rehabilatative therapy then basing their uncompetency status on their lack of functional abilty is unjust and immoral.
Because he has never had any intention of to providinf care for Terri since 1991 and as such has put her in her condition she is presently in.
Because the diablolical things Michael Schoavo has done to this disabled woman need to investigated and criminal arrests made.
Because the US Federal Government has the DUTY to interceed when state governments refuse to provide equal protection under the law for citizens.
Because when one person actively works for the death of another person the luxury of privacy can no longer be provided. Because the moment Michael Schiavo sought his wife's death in a Court, he gave away his rights to any privacy, and it became a matter of public record being acted upon by a public servant. The Public has a right ot influence and dtermin how Public servants are breaking the law.
Because Judge Greer has repeatedly ignored Florida law in his rulings and has only accepted 1/2 of the evidence as worthy of consideration.
Because the Schindlers have twice as many witnesses than Michael that say Terri has expressed the desire to live regardless of
Because Michael does not love Terri or he would not have warehoused her for 12 years.
Because if Michael had pursued Terri's recovery and rehabilitation with half of the determination with which he persued her death, she would be walking to Congress to present a speech independant of assistance by now. Instead he and his fiance are driving Porches and living in a palacial home while Terri is warehaused in a small room with the drapes drawn. For 5 years, Michael has refused to repair her wheelchair.
Because Mr Felos has been paid almost all of Terri's award money while Terri is on Medicaid.
Because Federal Medicaid is paying for Terri's illegal residence in a Hospice for 5 years.
Because just like the racial civil and human rights scandals of 60's in the south had to be corrected by the intervention of Federal Courts and Congressional Investigations before Black people could enjoy their Constitutional guarantees, so today the corruption, inequality , civil and human right injustices suffered by the disabled in Florida (and many other states) do require the same Federal intervention because State Governments do not.
Because how dare you success we consider Terri's right to a death with dignity when you have never seriously considerd her right to a life of dignity.
Because Terri is not a Houselplant! She is a human being and not matter how intensely Mr Schiavo and Felos to her as such, she will never be a houseplant.
Because Micheal euthanized Terris cats even though her family offered to take them.
Do you want more ....
I have about 3 mmore volumes full.

Posted by: JoMarley at March 20, 2005 9:08 PM

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