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March 31, 2005

Parents denied access as Schiavo dies

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Interesting that we have to go to Australia to find a representative from the mainstream media with a reasonable view of the killing of Terri Schiavo, one not prejudiced against the Schindler family and their supporters.

Terri Schiavo, the severely brain damaged woman at the centre of an acrimonious right-to-die controversy that even drew in the US president, died today almost two weeks after her feeding tube was cut off.

Schiavo, 41, died in a Florida hospice where she has spent several years as her parents and husband argued over who should be at her bedside for the final moments.

"It is with great sadness that it has been reported to us that Terri Schiavo has passed away," said Paul O'Donnell, a Franciscan monk who acts as spokesman for the parents.

The parents' representatives bitterly condemned Michael Schiavo for keeping the Schindlers away from the woman's bedside at the time of her death.

O'Donnell said the parents and other close family members had only been allowed into the room after the woman's death.

"They've been requesting, as you know, for the last hour to try to be in there. And they were denied access by Michael Schiavo."

Frank Pavone, national director of the Priests for Life organisation, another spokesman for the parents, repeated allegations that Terri Schiavo had been the victim of a deliberate killing.

He said that Schiavo's brother and sister had been with the woman up until about 10 minutes before her death and had then been asked to leave.

"Bobby Schindler, her brother, said: 'We want to be in the room when she dies'. Michael Schiavo said 'No, you cannot'. And so, his heartless cruelty continues until this very last moment."

Pavone added: "This is not only a death with all the sadness that brings, this is a killing. And for that we not only grieve that Terri has passed but we grieve that our nation has allowed such an atrocity as this and we pray that it will never happen again."

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Posted by Hyscience at March 31, 2005 5:00 PM

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